17+ Times The Universe Told People Things They Didn’t Want To Hear

The universe speaks to people in mysterious ways... Well, sometimes it does. Sometimes, however, the universe speaks to you in ways that are about as subtle as a crowbar to the face.

The items featured below showcase some of the universe's least subtle moments, so please enjoy these 17+ times the universe told people things they didn't want to hear!

"Our weather guy is so done with the stupid questions."

I don't understand why there are people out there who wouldn't be concerned about a hurricane. It's a bloody hurricane!

"Beware Of...?!"

What do you think that this sign actually says? I mean, until I figured it out I probably wouldn't be going anywhere near that lake!

"I see this every time on my walk home..."

I mean, they're only doing what the initial text told them to do! You can't make a statement like that without expecting this kind of retaliation!

I Don't Think That Is Sending The Right Message...

Hmmm, I'm sure that their intentions were good when they came up with this slogan, but dear lord, it sounds creepy as hell.

"This pharmacy sign with a family hanging from it..."

This isn't really the note of positivity that I want if a member of my family gets sick. They really need to work on their bedside manner here!

"I think I'll just take the stairs next time..."

Christ, I would be on tenterhooks the entire time the elevator was moving if I saw this sign! I mean, I'm not going to take the stairs though, I'm not insane!

"Just another day in Alaska!"

Call me crazy, but one of my favorite things about living where I live is that I can leave the door open for a few minutes without being potentially mauled to death by a bear. It's the little things!

"Talk about family drama..."

Someone did point out that they might just be in a polyamorous relationship with six cage divers!

"You get the gist, even without a word of Swedish."

You would think that they would have designed the elevator in a way where this isn't possible instead of just warning people about this apparent design flaw!

"This is how my roommate tells me we need more milk."

It seems like the universe is telling you to get a new roommate and stock up on more than just milk! That is a bare fridge!

"Coworker's last day yesterday..."

I don't care how passive aggressive the message on it is, that frosting looks absolutely incredible!

"This pretty much sums up my university life studying engineering."

It always terrifies me when people who are studying things like engineering or architecture admit to stuff like this. It makes going over bridges much more terrifying.

"Don't tell me what to do!"

"Hey, Dave, do you think that you'll die of stubbornness?"


"Depends on what?"

"Whether you tell me to or not!"

"Don't be like Norman, London Zoo." being a Norman Nine Fingers a common expression that I just wasn't aware of? I don't understand why this is a thing!

"A disease which has no cure..."

I feel like in this case, they shouldn't really be transporting it around! If there is someone who wants to study it, then they should go to the place housing this disease and not the other way around!

"No sugar coating these discharge instructions!"

I think we've all been in situations like this at some point. One person added, "When it came time for discharge, I had a doc once type, 'you drank so much you defecated on yourself.' The best discharge instructions ever."

"Hold your breath!"

I'm hoping that this means no oxygen tanks after this point. Otherwise there is something really weird going on here!

"Maybe she's late..."

The little smiley faces really only help to make this seem like more of a passive aggressive dig!

"Always give 100%."

Having Monday at 11% is even a stretch. Make it 5% and move that extra 6% to Thursday since I try so hard to push to Friday.

"Our cat had all four roommates feeding him each day because he acted like he was starving and we didn’t know that the other roommate already fed him. This was our solution, hopefully he will slim down a bit."

You messed up this early on and now he knows how to game the system. You've already lost.

"Very important information to remember."

When any pet gets wet they gain the intelligence of humans mixed with the speed of a cheetah. They will not be washed.

"So, I didn't know what my card meant..."

Only a game like Cards Against Humanity can make people think a normal word like "swooping" is slang for something.

"I needed to borrow my wife's phone... she said her password was our anniversary. I gave the phone back and said I didn't know what happened."

You can still recover from this! You can say you had the day and month mixed up! Though I guess you'd still have to know the date to put it in... But it'll buy you time.

"Local PTA didn't think this one through."

All they had to do was add the ampersand. That's it. That's all.

"Offered to clean the house for 'husband points' while the wife was out of town. Hired a maid but didn't check the work. Busted!"

I'll be honest here: You deserved to get caught for this. Just clean your house.

"I work at a bank and a customer brought in this prop money which she thought was real and didn't understand why we couldn't accept it."

His expression is the perfect reaction to this girl not understanding why these are fake.

"My dog is not amused that he has to ride in the back with the children."

Just wait until he sees them graduate to the front seat! He'll be pissed.

"Gifts for kids that do not live with you!"

Just make sure you're not neighbors either. Sound travels farther than you think.

"Next time I say 'don't do that' I'll show her this picture when she asks me 'why not?'"

Kids? Actually learning from their mistakes? Impossible.

"Not too sure what to think about my kid getting this for me today. Apparently I'm at that point."

See that face? He's saying, "Will this get you to stop? Do you finally understand? I'm sick of it."

"Someone handed in his 8 page essay on $70 worth of limestone. The school has a policy that states that there are no excuses to not be able to turn in your homework (even if that means carving it into stone)."

This is more effort than I would have ever put into any school assignment. No professor is worth it.

"Meiko hasn't realised that she's not as little as she used to be."

She didn't get bigger, that fence just got smaller! She's still a little puppy.

Options For Everyone!

Wow, nice to see acceptance and accessibility for people of all creeds.

"My local auto shop doles out a harsh truth."

Look, as depressing as it is, they're not wrong! Don't worry about the small stuff in life, have a glass of wine and chill out!

"I'll just hold it..."

Yeah, if the choice is holding it in or risking being stung by bees in delicate places, then I'd choose the former!