Grandpa Receives Rude Letter From Neighbors Over 'Excessive' Lawn Decorations

If you have high blood pressure, maybe pop a pill before you read this. Because it is infuriating.

Twitter user @goldenstef posted a picture of a typed letter their grandfather was sent regarding the decorations on his lawn. I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely nasty the letter is. Thankfully, the internet swept in to defend him. Let's check it out.

Here's how it started.

Twitter user @goldenstef posted this tweet with a picture of the vile letter attached. You can imagine what the blacked-out word is. Trust me, it's more than warranted.

The letter is disgusting, tbh.

Some "highlights" (they're really lowlights, let's be real) include:

"[...] sorry to say, you're [sic] house has become, and is, the laughing joke of the neighborhood."

If you're going to roast someone, use the right "your/you're." Just a tip.

The writer then started launching personal, racially charged attacks.

"All those decorations are in bad taste, and only proves to everyone that a 'low-class Mexican family' lives there, or maybe a Gypsy family," the letter said.

I hope grandpa decorates his whole lawn. The ENTIRE THING.

It got worse.

"Apparently you people come to our neighborhood from the deep West side [sic] or the deep South side [sic] where all the poor people with no class live. Believe me when I say your house is an EMBARRASSMENT to the neighborhood," the letter went on to say.

Twitter was on it in seconds.

I'm ready to fight for that sweet grandpa. Even if his lawn was packed with decorations, sending an anonymous, typewritten letter full of anger would not be the move.

This is the kind of energy the world needs.

I would also like to become a professional grandpa rights activist and fight for this grandpa. I can't imagine what I'd do if anyone wrote my grandpa a letter like that!

People were really supportive, too.

If I were in that family, guaranteed I'd start buying bright pink lawn flamingos and rooster wind mill things. I'd make the house as ugly as possible to flush the writer out.

Because make no mistake: this house is damn normal.

That letter implied that the whole yard was covered in cannabis plants. There are some charming cacti hanging out there, but not much else.

Exactly, Angele.

It costs $0 to mind our business.

In a world so full of hate, and division, and a literal plague, why would someone take time out of their day to hurt someone like that?

Someone also said the quiet part out loud.

I mean... yeah. The letter certainly reads like there's a very dark racial undertone to it. Many users commented the same thing. It's clear to me that there's prejudice at work here.

But when people have lawns like this, it's silent.

Hmmm... what would you rather have in your neighborhood: a normal looking house, or a house with a front lawn absolutely packed to the brim with bright, loud Christmas decorations?


What do you think of this situation?