Salon Denies Mom A Haircut Since Her Seven-Month-Old Baby Couldn't Wear A Mask

2020 has been quite the rollercoaster ride for us all. From the very beginning of the year when the coronavirus pandemic began, we all knew that things would never be the same. It's not every day that the entire world shuts down and just stops for an extended period of time. Now, as we try to regain some sense of normalcy, we're seeing that everywhere, things are still different.

One of the biggest changes we're all getting used to is constantly remembering to wear a mask.

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As the Center for Disease Control states, wearing a mask can decrease the spread of COVID-19 by decreasing the number of germs we let out into the air.

But, there are tons of days where we leave the house and totally forget our mask.

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How many times have you been on the way out the door and realize, "Oh crap, I forgot my mask!"? It happens, honestly. This "new normal" is something we're all getting used to.

It's really because we truly can't stand to wear masks all day long.

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For those who have to go out and about, especially as part of their job, wearing a mask can be challenging. And, if you think adults hate it, you can only imagine how difficult it is for children.

Although, some children are under the age of the mask requirement.

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In certain states, children under 10-years-old do not have to wear a mask. For one mother, she learned the hard way that bringing your child with you in public means that you could get turned away if they aren't wearing a mask — even if they are under the age requirement.

Meri Smith of Colorado was looking forward to getting her first haircut since the pandemic began in March.

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If anyone has recently gotten a haircut after waiting months and months, they know firsthand how relieving it is to finally take care of yourself. It's been a long time since we were able to pamper ourselves out in public.

Smith showed up at the salon with her seven-month-old baby.

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When she arrived for her appointment, she was immediately turned away by the salon employees. The reason? Her son was, "too young to have to wear a mask," and they couldn't let him inside.

The mom felt extremely rejected.

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Smith told WTVR that she felt "rejected."

"It made me sad and uncomfortable that I couldn't go get a haircut just because my son was a baby,” she said.

The salon, Great Clips, issued a statement apologizing for the way Smith was treated.

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The parent company who owns Great Clips issued a statement to the news organization.

"Holtzman Enterprises, Inc. does not require children under two years of age to wear a mask in our salons, following guidance from the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

We will be using this as an educational opportunity with staff to reinforce the details of our mask policy and we would welcome the opportunity to apologize directly to the community member," they said.

While we want everyone to stay safe, we also need to be kind.

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Sometimes, we have the best of intentions but forget that everyone is out here just trying to get by in this new day and age. We hope that this mom was able to reschedule her appointment and get that haircut she's been waiting for.

h/t: WTVR