15+ Lucky People Who Managed To Hit The Jackpot In Life

Usually my peak luck is managing to remember that the garbage trucks will be coming with enough time to get all the stinkiest stuff out to the curb before it has to spend a week ripening in the garage and making it a no-go zone. Needless to say, I don't really frequent casinos or line up for lottery tickets.

I just hope that luck is on my side as much as it is for these folks when it's really needed.

Just think of how much worse this slide off the road in winter could have been.

Reddit | Knotritenaou

Just a few inches separated this driver from a crushed front end and a disaster that only would have made the road slipperier for everyone else.

An earthquake claimed this road, but somehow not one of the cars on it.

Reddit | Meunderwears

Now, to figure out how to get out of that situation without making it worse. Best of luck!

If the driver was behind the wheel at the time, they probably need some new underwear as well as a new windshield.

Imgur | Beepis

And could you blame them? Talk about an unsecured load, amirite?

Best parking job ever.

Imgur | siahbabedblsiahh

You could hardly fit a credit card between the bumper and the pillar. Definitely worthy of taking a pic to remember it by.

Okay, that's amazing.

Reddit | xGrant

This right here is the reason Amber Alerts are worth the effort — sometimes they work.

This woman found a message in a bottle that turned out to hold special meaning for her.

Reddit | Sonny1991

The message had been placed inside that bottle in 1996 — and it had been written by her younger brother, who had since passed away.

It's not often that a fire truck saves itself.

Reddit | JordanRBX

But when a parking garage collapsed underneath this one, only its extended front bumper prevented it from falling into the hole.

This crash only resulted in a casual trip to the dentist's office.

Reddit | modernjpirate

In yet another instance of something not being secured to a person's vehicle properly, these people were driving behind a truck loaded with wood on the highway when one of the plants fell off and went through their windshield.

The only injury? The wood chipped the driver's tooth.

The Murphy's Law we all live by suggests these keys ought to be many, many floors down right now.

Reddit | MrSlinkerton

If you drop your keys on an elevator, they're basically magnetically attracted to the crack, right? This person will be keeping that carabiner on their chain from now on, I expect.

Well this is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Reddit | ccraddock

A tired brain that, you know, needs a sleep aid could easily end up taking the wrong thing and spend the night white knuckled in the bathroom instead of peacefully slumbering.

Another example of a person who didn't secure their load properly.

Reddit | nomadofwaves

Thankfully, the person driving behind him survived this terrifying encounter. But this definitely could have been a much more serious and fatal accident.

If this driveway was designed to do this, it couldn't have worked out better.

Reddit | Stratostheory

So much better to just have to clean up a downed tree and not a smashed car, too.

Talk about a lucky break.

Imgur | jacklebee

When you think you're being smart parking in the shade, sometimes nature has other plans for you. But wow, this car couldn't have asked for a more fortunate breaking point.

I bet this ship went through at low tide, too.


Almost makes you wonder if they had to butter up the top of the ship to make sure it got through unscathed.

It's generally not a great idea to wear gloves in the shop, but this person lucked out by having gloves that were just a bit too big.

Reddit | My_kielbassa_sausage

Better to lose the glove's fingertips than your own!

Save a little luck for the rest of us, will ya?

Reddit | geogaba

This woman set a Guinness World Record by collecting 887 four leaf clovers in just eight hours, but personally I feel like this story would be even cooler if she'd found just one more clover to make the grand total 888.

Good news, this person found a stray blade.

Reddit | Inger002

Even better news, it didn't go right through their foot in the process.

Never knew that guns are bulletproof?

Reddit | jjlew080

This cop was shot but thankfully uninjured during a shooting because the bullet hit his holster and gun, which ultimately saved his life.

When being tardy actually pays off somehow.

Reddit | Tamerito

A person was running late for work and arrived in the parking garage later than usual. If they had been just two seconds earlier, that car would have landed on their head.

His wedding ring saved his finger.

Reddit | maxter009

A heavy sheet of lumber came down on this man's hand, directly on his fingers, and he heard a snap. But it wasn't his fingers that broke ⁠— it was his tungsten carbide ring that took the full force of the wood so his fingers didn't have to.

Nailed it!


This person really couldn't have come closer to ruining their day without actually puncturing their heel and doing some serious damage. Might still want a tetanus booster judging by the condition of the nail, just to be safe.

Nailed it: the sequel.

Reddit | ILLIMATIC1994

Two nails from a nail gun when through this guy's leg but miraculously missed both his femur and his kneecap. Still a nasty injury, but definitely could have been way worse.

Dad to the rescue!

Reddit | The_Fool-On-The_Hill

I really hope this kid thanked his dad after this, and also maybe that he put away his phone while sitting so close to the baseball diamond to avoid further potential run-ins with concussions.

Someone didn't yell "fore!" loud enough.

Reddit | theotherguy1981

Thankfully, this flying golf ball managed to hit this guy's beer can instead of his face. And judging by the damage to the can, this thing coming in hot.

Rejected by a shark.

Reddit | kprcrobert

A shark attempted to take a chomp out of this young girl but apparently decided she wasn't worth the effort, or maybe it just didn't like the way she tasted. For whatever reason, it released her and swam away.

Both these motorists are probably thanking their lucky stars.

Reddit | leighwiz

I'd especially be feeling pretty lucky if I was the drive of that truck, because it looks like the pole was heading directly for their vehicle in particular.

Is that a Disney princess at the wheel?

Reddit | Aeogor

Because this birdie sure came to a human's aid that day, obscuring the license plate from the speed camera.

When you're not sure if you're lucky or cursed.

Reddit | VirtualityReal

On one hand, nobody was on the throne when that came crashing down through the ceiling. On the other hand, that is a huge, huge problem to fix.

This is the very definition of a close call.

Reddit | dandy36

I think it's safe to this this young man was just saved from some serious scarring and damage after his facial mask blocked his opponent's skate blade.

Here's a great reminder of why it's a good idea to check your shoes in Australia, or anywhere else venomous snakes might curl up in them.

Reddit | TimmyJ292

And if you don't have to check your shoes after taking them off outside, you're already lucky to live in a place where it's not necessary.

Watch your step.

Reddit | kristen_g525

This person stepped on a board that had not one, not two, but four nails sticking out of it, and somehow those nails didn't penetrate their flip flop. They just avoided a serious injury and a tetanus shot.

A wildfire burned a tree that was holding back this boulder in the mountains.

Reddit | Childofdust90

Suddenly free, the boulder rolled a quarter mile before it finally came to stop right in front of this person's home, who I'm sure was super thankful it had lost most of its momentum by then or else it would have gone straight through the front door.

You can't come closer to losing a ring than this, however.

Imgur | ItsDamnHardToGetAGoodUsername

Some might think this is staged, but who the heck would perch a ring so perilously on the edge just for a pic?

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