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Jana Duggar Worries There's Something 'Majorly Wrong' With Her For Being Single At 30

There's a lot of pressure on women (and, well, on everyone else too) to find love and get married while you're still young, but that just isn't how it happens for a lot of people! There's nothing wrong with not being married by the time you turn 30, and despite what television and movies might tell you, it's perfectly fine to be happy being single much longer than that.

Jana Duggar knows a thing or two about this!

Jana is the oldest Duggar child from the *Counting On* family.

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Jana, who turned 30 in January of this year, has come under a bit of scrutiny in her life for being single, especially given her family's pretty strict rules when it comes to dating, courting, and marriage.

To make matters worse, 8 of her 18 younger siblings are already married and have children.

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I can only imagine that's added to the pressure she feels to find someone and settle down! Jana has opened up about this pressure in a new episode of Counting On.

“I feel like these days, probably one of the most common questions is, am I in a relationship?” Jana revealed on the show.

“Sometimes it gets a little old," she went on.

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"I’m like, ‘no I’m not, no I don’t have anyone.’ Usually I’ll just answer it and go on,” Jana explained, adding that she gets frustrated by it. “Sometimes it can get a little, like, ‘what?' It’s not the only thing in the world to talk about.”

“Some are like, ‘Oh man, are you picky?’ I’m like, I don’t think so!” Jana later explains to her hairdresser.

When her hairdresser jokes back “Like, what’s wrong with you, you’re still single?”, Jana responds,"Yeah, there must be something majorly wrong with you," referring to herself. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being single!

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