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These Crystal Jack-O'-Lanterns Will Totally Energize Your Halloween Chakra

With the year we've all had, we could probably all use some healing and grounding energy in our lives. So why not bring some spookily good Halloween vibes into your home right now?

These crystal jack-o'-lanterns are perfect for helping you get in the Halloween spirit, not to mention keeping the unfriendly ghosts at bay.

These pumpkins make things so crystal clear.

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These mind-cleansing crystal pumpkins are made from obsidian, rose quartz, rainbow fluorite, and tiger's eye.

No bad spirits are welcome to haunt us this Halloween.

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Not sure which one is right for your spirit? Rose quartz is the stone of universal love; obsidian is truth-enhancing; fluorite is highly protective and stabilizing, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy; and tiger's eye washes away negative energy, digs deep into the root chakra, and lets self-confidence soar. Choose the one for you.

Carve out the chaos.

Whether it's manifesting that perfect stay-at-home Halloween date or trying to banish the evil juju from your aura, it's time to indulge in some heartfelt meditation with these cathartic crystal pumpkins.

Get a universe full of good vibes.

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As if these couldn't get any better, because each pumpkin is hand-carved, they're each unique, which means you can consider your pumpkin exclusive nourishment for your mind, body, and soul.

So long, evil spirits. We're only welcoming happy ghosts this Halloween.

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