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Gingerbread Oreo's Are Back, And This Time They're Filled With Crunchy Sugar Crystal Creme

Just in case you were looking for yet another thing to love about the holiday season, look no further.

Oreo has us covered...with sugar as soon as we bite into one of these seasonal gingerbread cookies with the addition of a new and delectable crunchy sugar crystal creme.

These Oreo's are giving us some sugar.

Social media is going wild for these cookies. Especially, for the crunchy sugar crystal creme.

A version of Gingerbread Oreos has appeared in the past, going back to 2012, but with gingerbread-flavored filling. We don't know about you, but the crunchy sugar crystal creme sounds a whole lot sweeter!

These will save you from a fresh batch of anxiety in the kitchen.

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Making your own holiday gingerbread cookies is great — in theory. However, it's not all that fun when there's flour everywhere, the kids are complaining, and you realize the butter has turned.

Oreo's may be giving many a sign that it's time to skip the stress, and get to the munching. Plus, we know you're dying to try that crunchy sugar creme. We know we are.

Get em' while they're fresh!

According to a representative for Oreo, Gingerbread Oreo's will be available nationwide this fall for a limited time.

Rumor has it, these bad boys have already been spotted in stores.

Don't forget to dunk.

No matter the season, you know what to do. Grab a tall glass of milk and get ready to join the sweetest NBA — as in the Never Bake Again club, because these Oreo's are all you'll need in your kitchen.

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