Boozy Quotes For People Who Know It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere

Right now, as I sit here writing this, I am acutely aware of an unopened bottle of red just a few feet away from me, begging to finally get uncorked.

If I listen really closely, I can actually hear it calling my name — sort of like my own, boozy siren call.

If you're also feeling the temptation of a particularly enticing bottle of wine, I think you're really going to enjoy these wine-themed quotes I've compiled into a neat little list for you.

Heartbreaking, really.


You know when you hear a story about someone you went to high school with, and you really thought they were going places after graduation, but now you find out they're 30 and living in their parents' garage while trying to kick-start their own tie-dyed shirt business?

Yeah, raisins feels like that kind of unrealized potential.

Waiter! Another round, please!


If you're going to shame me for enjoying a tall glass of the good stuff with an order of cheesy, fully-loaded nachos, then I'm sorry but we simply cannot be friends anymore.

Weird how that happens.

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I can't tell you how many times I have shown up somewhere with a rather large bottle of wine, only to have somehow finished it all by myself before dinner is even served.

Hey, I'm not complaining. That's what the back-up bottle is for!

Finally, someone who appreciates real art.


I've been to a few of these, and while I can't say my paintings were anything to get excited over, I do know I received many compliments on my ability to toss back wine like it's water.

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