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Fans Praise Elle Fanning For Sharing Unfiltered Photos Of Her Eczema Flare Ups

There's so much pressure to be perfect on Instagram. Lots of people (myself included) have fallen victim to the pressure to edit out small imperfections in our own photos, whether it's smoothing out our skin, whitening our teeth, or removing pimples. The pressure to be perfect is heightened even more for celebrities, which is why it's so refreshing when stars refuse to hide the fact that they're not made of porcelain from the world.

Eczema is a super common skin condition.

Instagram | @ellefanning

Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a skin condition that causes itchiness, redness, and small bumps to form along the skin. The condition can be painful, annoying, and sometimes embarrassing, depending on where it flares up.

Celebrities are not immune to it.

You probably remember Elle Fanning from her work in *Maleficent*.

She's also Dakota Fanning's younger sister and has appeared in The Neon Demon, Super 8, The Beguiled, Mary Shelley, and We Bought A Zoo.

Elle recently shared an unfiltered series of photos on her Instagram that show that along with being a great actress, she's also not worried about pretending she's perfect.

Elle shared a series of photographs showing an eczema flare up along her eyelids.

Instagram | @ellefanning

"Eczema but make it eye shadow," Elle joked in the Instagram caption.

"Thank you for not using like a dozen filters, its so nice seeing real normal skin texture on this app and it makes me feel good about myself," one fan wrote.

"Thank you for posting this!" another added.

Instagram | @ellefanning

"I struggle with eczema and it hurts my self esteem. It’s so refreshing seeing public figures without the filters and makeup to show that we are all human," they continued.

"Omg I can't believe I match Elle Fanning," one excited commenter wrote, confirming that she was also struggling with eczema in the same location.

"I have the same problem!!!! I’m allergic to certain ingredients in eye shadow!!" one fan revealed a potential cause for the unique flare up pattern.

Instagram | @ellefanning

We, like all of Elle's fans, think it's so awesome that Elle isn't trying to hide the fact that she's human and humans don't always have 'perfect' skin with filters or editing. It's awesome that she's showing her authentic self!