'The Christmas Chronicles 2' Is Coming To Netflix On November 25th

A lot of people will agree that even if you don't celebrate or are not a huge fan of Christmas, at least the music of the season is pretty good (as long as you don't get overexposed). What's also true is that no matter your feelings on the holiday itself, the movies about Christmas are also pretty amazing, including The Christmas Chronicles.

Christmas is getting closer and closer.

While our holiday plans might be a little different this year, there's no reason we can't enjoy the classics of the season, like curling up with a big blanket and a mug of hot chocolate, and watching Christmas movies that we love!

*The Christmas Chronicles* from 2018 was pretty much an instant classic.

And how could it not be? With real-life couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn doing an amazing job of playing Santa and Mrs. Claus as they help two siblings try to save Christmas, it was pretty much made for success.

Which is why fans are so excited that Netflix just announced the sequel will be hitting our screens in November.

"It's time for Mrs. Claus to get her due," Netflix tweeted.

Netflix announced that the couple would be back to "save the holidays" in The Christmas Chronicles 2, adding that the film would be coming to Netflix on November 25th.

Just in time to really get into the Christmas spirit!

Fans are obviously excited.

"Love it! So glad this movie is coming out like originally planned. My wife & I loved the first one and look forward to this one during the holiday season," one fan tweeted.

Are you excited for the sequel? Let us know in the comments!