15+ People Who Are Acting Empty-Headed

The world is full of amazing minds that are constantly pushing humanity forwards into the future and helping create a better world for generations ahead! And, well, there are some people out there who are something of the opposite of this!

And, to showcase a few examples of this, here are 15+ funny people who are acting hilariously empty-headed!

"Today, on pay-per-view..."

Reddit | Chadwick19h

Jesus Christ, I think that I would quite safely put my money on the dinosaurs and cavemen!

"I'm concerned for the man next to me in Starbucks..."

Reddit | the_giraffe_elephant

I do not know what kind of novel this person is planning on writing, but I hope to God that they never get around to writing it!

For The Last Time, No Safety!

Reddit | katkatastrophy

"Permission to come aboard?"

"Granted. Although, you'll have to take all of that safety equipment off and spark up a smoke. Those are the rules!"

"Seems strange, but okay!"

"Squirtle to the rescue!"

Reddit | TheSANEG

This is very cute and a great idea until one idiot actually smashes the glass and throws this on a fire, only adding more fuel to the fire's burning rage!


Reddit | weeks78

Did the person who did this just think that the problem would go away if they kept urinating on the warning sign? This is like the world government's approach to climate change reform. Wow...yeah, I went there.

"What can I use this for then?"

Reddit | NigelBushdie

Well, isn't it obvious? This is clearly just one of those decorative chopping boards that people are after nowadays!

"I already thought paying someone to hold a sign was ridiculous, and then I see this."

Reddit | honiepoe

Something tells me that this kid is incredibly close to giving up this job! That face is one nearing the edge of defeat! And can you blame him?

"They're 'fun' at that age."

Reddit | Ostrantula

The fact that the kid was unsupervised long enough to get that far through the cement is slightly alarming! I mean, a kid near wet cement should be under constant surveillance.

"Put them in oven on purpose to hide them from kids. Forgot about them."

Reddit | Dahl

Hmm, they look a little overdone for my liking. I like my game console controllers to be a little pinker in the middle!

"Lockdown renovations look so easy on Instagram."

Reddit | YouHaveGotRedOnYou

Now all of your clothes have go-faster stripes! You'll be the envy of all of your friends! Well, either that or it's time to buy a new wardrobe of clothes!

Dear Lord... Why?

Reddit | huskorstork

"Hey, Janine, can I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead, I'm all ears!"

"That joke wasn't funny the first time or the hundredth, Janine."

Always Make Sure You Know What Your Kid's Clothing Says!

Reddit | ChuckyChucks420blzit

I mean, call me crazy, but if I bought my kid some clothes with writing on them I would always make sure to check what it says, regardless of the language!

"Fixed it for you!"

Reddit | Arrozdruid

Much like kids not being left unsupervised with wet cement, well, kids just shouldn't be unsupervised ever apparently!

"When clients don't pay for the resources used..."

Reddit | memon1

They could have at least tried to paint over the Shutterstock and mask their thievery! This is just lazy!

"Apparently 10 cones wasn't enough of a warning..."

Reddit | KingBrunoIII

That sucks immensely for the guys who have been working on this! People don't put cones out for the good of their health, guys! Well, unless they have a cone fetish... But that's a whole other thing!

"Presumably they're a medical expert in his field though?"

Reddit | kitebuggyuk

This 21st century daytime drama reboot of Wuthering Heights set in a small town hospital is looking terrible!

(And yes, that could be the most needlessly specific joke of all time.)

"The reason this slow cooker got returned is interesting..."

Reddit | Bradddtheimpaler

I think that the description "slow cooker" might actually be more aptly applied to the amateur chef who returned this.

"Donate Bloob Today!"

Reddit | Riyeko

Truly, Bloob is the gift of life. All hail the Bloob Queen, our glorious leader. May her reign last a thousand years and may she drown out the heathens with floods of Bloob. May the Bloob be with you.

"It's been about 6 months since I put this on a welder at work and no one has said anything. It's a magnet with sharpie on it."

The important factor here is have people been turning it as they work the machine?

"Lady didn't see the construction apparently."

Yes, there's already a photo of a car getting stuck in concrete on this list, but the expressions of both the woman driving and the worker make this one special enough to be added as well.

"Parents call cops when son didn't come home after half-marathon."

So his mistake was exceeding his goal and he did something amazing? Why can't I make mistakes like that?

"My alcoholic neighbor didn't call a taxi last night."

The door has seen better days, but at least the cars look alright? That's an upside here, right?

"My wife works at the VA where school kids dropped off cards. The elderly vet that got this one responded: 'I'm not dead yet!'."

Not only is he not dead, but he also didn't serve on a spaceship like this kid drew.

"I've been living in Italy for a year, and it's common to see things in English that do not make sense. Today, I found the winner."

It's good to know that nonsensical tattoos in foreign languages is a universal experience.

Also those shoes are amazing.

"Oh, no you don't. I'm not falling for that one again."

This is such false advertising. That coffee wouldn't be hot at all!

"That's not how acronyms work."

I've seen so many photos of acronyms that are done wrong, and every time I see a new one my soul dies a little bit more.

"Wife tried to snap a pic of our 5yo running towards her on the pier. He was too focused on his juicebox and didn't see the stainless steel fishing table."

This is such a good action shot. Dynamic, shows a line of motion, tells a story. Top tier stuff. Oh, yeah, I hope the kid's okay too.

"That's not how this works."

Who's worse: the family that handed this woman a selfie stick to take a picture with, or her actually trying to use it that way?

"Not sure they've looked that hard."

They mean lost in a spiritual, emotional sense. He's spent so much time staring out that window, he needs some guidance.

"A sushi restaurant didn't leave a pen, so we used chopsticks and soy sauce."

Surely asking for a pen would be easier, but I appreciate the commitment here.

"I mean how do you let that slip by?!"

They were too busy patting each other on the back for coming up with this design to do any real work on the name.

"I don't know who this Bev is, but I'm glad I didn't run into her!"

Damn, if her rage is important enough to warrant this big of a warning, she must be really pissed.

"My dad didn’t realize you could screen record videos."

I gotta give this man some credit. This is pretty smart. In a world where screen recording wasn't created, everyone would just do this.

"Be The Change!"

Reddit | s0me1finally

I think that we have more of a chance of getting people to actually change the world than of convincing some of my old roommates to change the toilet roll regularly.

"Don't take directions from this woman!"

Reddit | MrBowieowie

How hard is it to remember "Never Eat Shredded Wheat"? Or any of the variations of that acronym for that matter?!