17+ People Who Got Major Payback

Revenge is a dish that is best served cold...or hot! It's really just a dish that is bloody marvelous regardless of the temperature, isn't it? Sometimes people's revenge can be so hilarious that it is impossible not to share across the internet!

And, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 17+ people who got major payback!

"My [daughter] said she was too old for notes in her lunch — my reply."

Reddit | Michellehas2ls

What they didn't point out is that their daughter is actually 44 and works at a very important law firm.

(Not really, but wouldn't that be fantastic?)

"I ordered a burger and told my waiter that for every pickle I receive, I will destroy a city. He returned with this and said 'My least favorite places.'"

Reddit | THammock

If you could destroy three cities with the power of pickles, which three cities do you think that you would choose?

"Apparently I was a Smartass today, it's a small price to pay."

Reddit | brianjackson

As someone who worked in the service industry for quite some time, I can think of a thousand people who I wish that I could have added this charge to!

"It's my boss's last day tomorrow, decided to pay my respects."

Reddit | ugotspocked

It is nice that they kept the actual F key the same. I imagine that this led to a very stressful last day in the office!

Jade Hameister's Revenge On The Men Who Asked Her To Stay In The Kitchen And Make Them A Sandwich!

Reddit | GallowBoob

The person who posted this explained, "This 16-year-old [became] the youngest person to complete a 600km trek to the North Pole, the South Pole and Greenland [...] with a message to the men who wrote her telling her to stay in a kitchen and make a sandwich."

"Report my friend received from one of her students after returning from a day off."

Reddit | ze_intern

Well, I bet the child who did this is very popular! Also, the line about the substitute teacher being asleep really resonated with me!

"Defacing my housemate's stash..."

Reddit | Estoye

This is exactly the sort of thing that someone who seriously buys Bud Light deserves. I mean, it tastes like the steam from off a dog's turd on a frosty morn.

"My neighbor went on vacation for a week and I decorated his house with some inspiring lyrics from his least favorite band..."

Reddit | dustinmypants

Apparently, this wasn't a random act of aggression, but was done in retaliation after their neighbor had done something similar to them in the past!

"My friend just returned from a 7 month deployment. This guy had my favorite sign in the crowd of friends and family."

Reddit | soggydave2113

The low-budget sign really adds to the aesthetic. Maybe with that $5 they might have been able to make a better welcome home sign!

"Half on disabled parking and a half on the passway to a mall. Someone got really pissed and emptied a jar of jam on it."

Reddit | TadyZ

The thought of cleaning this off is making my skin crawl, not to mention the amount of insects that this would attract on a summer's day!

"Making Fish Tacos For The Guy In Work Who Keeps Stealing My Lunch."

Reddit | Flutterbee3

I absolutely love this idea. However, I think that I would struggle to actually watch someone eat cat food!

"I mixed Carolina Reaper powder into half a tub of ice cream as revenge for food thief at my community freezer."

Reddit | UnusuallyCalm

I would assume that the powder flavor would largely be masked by the ice cream, although I'm not brave enough to try it!

"My coworker is a flat earther and it's his last day."

Reddit | kittythedog

Between flat-earthers and coffee-drinking satanists (as indicated by the mug) this office seems to be a right melting pot of insanity!

Good To Know...

Reddit | Lartzly

I mean, it would be truly awful for a pelican to eat a child, no one is disputing that — although, I am infintely curious as to whether one could eat a child!

"Casually walks her dog and leaves the poop as [a] 'souvenir' on my front yard. Time to teach her some manners."

Reddit | nando1969

The photographic evidence really makes this something special. Nothing like catching someone in the act to make them feel like crap...for dropping crap!

"The funniest thing I've seen in a long time, my view from work..."

Reddit | aggravatedman

Wow, those people on the top came in hot, but the people down below came out the gates even hotter with their comeback!

"Joined a gym, and was teased by my fit friends who workout there. Got my revenge."

Imgur | BradleyFriesen

I love seeing people in the gym who spend the whole time just flexing in front of a mirror. It makes me realize that my life might not be as big of a car crash as I think.

"Always pay up folks!"

Reddit | The_Lighter_Side

Of all the people that you aren't going to pay, not paying someone who has access to paint and ladders and knows where you live really is particularly dense!

"Grandma's Revenge!"

Reddit | mrmaster2

Nothing worse than watching a family tear itself apart over money. This seems like a wonderfully efficient way of dealing with that problem!

"Lad at work just eats everyone's treats. Tomorrow will be a surprise for him..."

Twitter | lufcdannyboy

That is a donut that is going to pack a punch. Hopefully this will give some of you out there some inspiration for if you're dealing with a similar office criminal!