Photographers On Twitter Are Sharing Their Behind-The-Scenes Setups For Pictures

If you've been on Twitter lately, then you've surely seen the newest, coolest trend going around: the setup vs the shot.

Essentially, it gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes into photography, and how photographers create dreamy illusions using everyday items! From cool, neon-colored shots with an '80s vibe, to red backdrops and classic phones, these photos feature the unexpected in truly stunning ways.

Remember CDs?

I can't imagine the level of work it took to get those CDs to reflect the light properly. It takes a true genius to get a photo like that out of what looks like a setup in a kitchen.

Even studio shoots can be pretty basic.

Lighting, a few props, and a good angle — those are the basic elements of most photos, but this shot truly shows off how carefully they have to be done in order to get a stunning shot.

If I took that picture, guaranteed the model would look like she didn't have arms.

This is other-worldly.

Holy. Crap. Not only did the photographer nail a stunning shot from above, but that flower actually looks real.

An unsung part of photography is editing — it's way harder than it looks.

Those clouds? I'm stunned.

How did they manage to capture the true colors of what your eye sees? I think all of us who have tried to photograph a sunset or sunrise on our phones know that you never get on camera what you see with the naked eye.

This one blew up on Twitter, and rightfully so.

It's just so damn cool! The reflection in the water, the makeup, the lighting — it all seriously came together to create a dreamy, almost nostalgic shot. I wonder what they did with the pool floaty?

I never would have known this happened in a living room.

It looks like a professional shot in a studio! All the hands were photographed separately, then the actual people. I'm living for the Marilyn-meets-Barbie fantasy going on here.

The lighting here is absolutely incredible.

Lighting dark skin seems to be a struggle for some photographers (lookin' at you, Annie Leibovitz). This is an example of it being done right — the highlights, the shadows, the contours!

Now that's a true friend.

I love the creativity and the trust fall energy here. Get you friends that will hold you up while your photographer shoots you from above. Trust me, the shot will be worth it.


Legit, how did they do this? That's not even a kiddie pool, by the way. It looks like it's actually just a huge bucket of water. The creativity it took to have the vision, let alone the execution? This deserves awards.

I can't believe this was done in the back of a car.

They even sourced the lighting to shine inside the car, much like a retro drive-in. I'm a huge fan of the final product, too. It's dark and moody, and has a very intimate, cool vibe.

Let's give product photography some love, too.

Because this? This is ingenuity. Hanging a perfume bottle on what I'm guessing is a piece of tape is so clever. It helps avoid shadows created by shooting from above!