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Fans Are Loving New Video Of Chris Hemsworth Hilariously Crashing A News Report

When I imagine myself one day meeting Chris Hemsworth (because yes, this is my article therefore I am allowed to manifest this for myself!!!) I predict I will either faint or cry, or both!

So when an unsuspecting news anchor from The Today Show in Australia got a surprise visit from Chris Hemsworth she played it *much cooler than I would!

Hi! Hello! Hey! Did you know that *Thor* aka Chris Hemsworth is one of THE sexiest men alive?!

Yes he's a great actor and a seemingly amazing hubby, father and brother but the man has been... sculpted by the hands of God himself.

So when he crashed a weekend weather report on Friday's episode of *The Today Show* in Scone, Australia, news anchor Lauren Phillips was given the surprise of her life!

We can hear Lauren try to introduce Chris but just ends up mumbling "the beautiful..." which is a big mood!

"I heard you are looking for some horses," Chris said, taking the mic.

"There is a bunch down here."

Lauren's fellow news anchor's faces SAY IT ALL! I truly would be ~so pissed~ if I was them! I WANNA MEET CHRIS, TOO!

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Lauren kept it professional, joking with Chris: "I often get teased about not having the best presenting skills or pronunciation, want to help me out?"

Naturally, The God of Thunder was more than willingly to oblige!

"Let’s mispronounce all of these,” Chris joked back.

I truly cannot imagine being Lauren in the fields of Scone with Chris Hemsworth, but I will envy until the day I die!

Naturally, I'm not the only one envying her, lol. Twitter is filled with thirsty comments!


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