15+ Hilarious Situations That Didn’t Go According To Plan

Sometimes, situations can just get uncontrollably out of hand, no matter how much you prepare for them — and, fortunately, this can often lead to very funny outcomes!

In order to prove this, please enjoy these 15+ hilarious situations that didn't go according to plan!

"An accident occurred..."

Reddit | Vliolix

Printers are one of humanity's most fearsome natural predators. If you have ever tangled with one and lived to tell the tale, then you are very lucky!

"2nd day of virtual school."

Reddit | beaverkc

I'm sure that everyone got stuck in a chair at some point when they were a kid! I mean, I didn't, but I don't want to make this kid feel any worse!

"I work at a bar and this was left for one of the waitresses. I think this man deserves a call."

Reddit | yoitsatrap

Yes, a lot of other people wrote to the person who posted this to tell them that their favorite hobby was also "green"!

"Koreans have some fantastic names for businesses. Probably the best name for a bar."

Reddit | Vlaed

There are many fantastic names for restaurants and takeaways nowadays. One person even commented, "There's a bubble tea place near my house with the name DONT YELL AT ME," which is just my favorite!

"My friend was supposed to take the SAT today..."

Reddit | Cron-che

That has got to be an unbearably crushing sense of disappointment! Although, at least they have the whole day to themselves now to...well, sleep probably.

"9yo kid makes up her own proverbs."

Reddit | Tarteez

I love most of these more than the "real" proverbs! My favorite one has to be, "Two is company, three is astronaut work."

"My husband said 'stay still, I'm gonna try to draw you' then he showed me this. I laughed so hard I almost threw up. Look at the FEET."

Reddit | Inked_Chick

I mean, the feet are very good and all, but the way the face is drawn is just absolutely stellar! I would love for my partner to draw me like this!

"...Clever girl."

Reddit | Throwaway-71

I genuinely do not know what is more terrifying: the spider situation or the fact that they have two DVDs of Entourage!

"My friend lost her toe in a lawn mowing accident when she was little. This is her foot now."

Reddit | ogmuckalucka

This is remarkably adorable. Although, I hate the word "piggy." I don't know why but it makes me anxious.

"I don't think I've ever done yoga by accident?"

Reddit | Ilikeitmetal

I find that trying to do any task when you're too drunk could easily be classified as accidental yoga.

"My friend asked for a day off work, manager accidentally created a new holiday."

Reddit | magicman1333

Yeah, I think that HR might be getting quite a few alarmed phone calls about this supposed new holiday!

"It's as if it was meant to be..."

Reddit | MobileTechGuy

I wonder if this guy sought out this rock specifically? Maybe he should make an annual pilgrimage to it every year!

"Local NAPA store turning misfortune into marketing."

Reddit | Taz666

This does feel a bit like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted, but I admire their positive attitude!

"A mouth organ tied inside [a] vehicle so air blows on it and it makes noise. Quite a good prank."

Reddit | KILLA2-0

I've never known anyone to actually call a harmonica a "mouth organ" before, and it's annoying me that that is the most baffling part of this for me!

"Throw your hands in the air, if you're a true player."

Reddit | RealNumber44

I wonder how the teacher responded to this answer! I guess they technically did the exercise?

"Corner of my thumb got cut off by a grinder. So had to make the best of a bad situation. I give you Julius Thumb, leader of the hand empire!"

Reddit | warman707

I mean, when they say "corner," I am assuming that they mean "top"? I don't know what sort of thumb has a corner.

"Our daughter pulled a knife on the hired princess at her 3rd birthday party."

Reddit | drow890

Wow, this little Elsa is not messing around when it comes to who is the real princess at her birthday party!

"My 7yo son was excited to show off his clay pirate boat."

Reddit | TheDiscordium

The person who posted this said that they are going to put it away and give it back to him when he is 18, which I think will make his day...potentially!

"A picture of my brother in P.E class today."

I imagine that trying to host P.E. online is pretty hard, but finding the motivation to participate when there's not a teacher watching your every move is harder.

"Not exactly how I envisioned my Shrek themed birthday cake."

Not expected...but not unwelcome either.

"Bookstore’s Closed Sign in Seattle."

I mean, yeah. Yeah. I get it. This is how I've felt since high school, but I'm not a storefront.

"Trying to earn a few dollars for lunch."

In a world of side hustles and gig economies, you have to get creative.

"Coworker's last day yesterday."

With a cake as nice as that, you make it hard to leave. But you've made the boundaries clear. Goodbye forever.

"Self-aware Stats Textbook."

I'm glad textbook authors aren't completely deluded into thinking people actually read intros.

"My cat turned 3, she was not impressed with the celebrations."

The happier humans are, the grumpier cats get, even on their birthday.

"Sign about hand washing in an IKEA."

Just to say them out loud, or to remember their names? The latter will take far, far longer.

"Bad boi."

Damn, no matter what animal kingdom, bullies still exist.

"I'm not taking anything less than $12.02."

Hey, it's good to know your worth! Go into these interviews with a salary in mind and make sure they pay you that few extra cents that you deserve!

"I had an opossum visit my house so I asked if they were friendly or not in this facebook group I'm in. An animal rescue company replied with this photo. His name is Bobo."

Not only is he friendly, but the feeling of adoration in this photo seems to be mutual. Look at his smile!

"Back when fires were cool. I convinced my family to take a family photo in front of our burning house."

The process of convincing them must have been challenging but I'm so glad it worked.

"I tried to be cute and carved 'I love u' into my wife's banana last night and this morning, it looked like a note from a stalker. 0/10 Will not do again."

These kids today and their texting. Let's go back to the days of terrifyingly scratching notes into fruit!

"A spider stole my [Lego] sword."

Just when I thought they couldn't get any scarier, they've started arming themselves!

"Nearly a year ago, my coworker needed stitches after an avocado toast accident. I made this sign for her and they're still updating it."

Reddit | emzieees

It amazes me how many people manage to injure themselves when it comes to preparing avocados. What is the world coming to that this is a common injury?!

"Bought a new bed for my medium size dog. This is not my medium sized dog."

I love big dogs with all my heart, but I've never met one that's actually aware of its size.

"Casually walks her dog and leaves the poop as [a] 'souvenir' on my front yard. Time to teach her some manners."

Reddit | nando1969

Nothing like someone who doesn't clean up their dog poop being punished for their hideous misdeeds! I love that they have put a picture with the poop bag as well!