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Add A Pinch Of Cuteness To Your Decor With A Crochet Crab Air Plant Holder

We are fully prepared to go cray cray over this adorable crochet crab air plant holder.

Not only is this little baby a cutie, it houses air plants, which literally purify the air in your home. It doesn't get much better than that.

This cuteness of this crochet pattern is air apparent.

Etsy | CreativeByNataliya

This is the perfect gift for both kids and adults. Whether you put it in a home office, kitchen, or bathroom, it will add a pop of color as well as a breath of fresh air.

There's nothing to be crabby about as long as you're an intermediate-level crocheter.

Etsy | CreativeByNataliya

OK, so maybe this pattern isn't for a beginner. But if you're at an intermediate level of crocheting, you'll be able to whip this beauty up in a pinch.

Don't forget your plant!

Unsplash | Fernanda Arias

Part of the fun is picking a plant to fit inside the crab holder. Some people prefer something simple and elegant, while others want all of the color pop possible.

Extra points if you mix and match in one holder!

You'll want to snap to it!

This is one crab you'll definitely want to nab!

The pattern is available on Etsy for $3, and is ready to be cherished in its new and happy home.