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You Can Make A Disney-Themed Snack Board For The Mouse Lovers In Your Life

We're pretty sure there's magic in the air, because these Disney-themed charcuterie boards are truly enchanting, not to mention, they look delicious!

These fantastical boards combine sweet and savory flavors that are exciting enough to make you swear you've entered the Magic Kingdom.

These Mickey waffles are the stuff of dreams!

Mouseketeers of all ages will want to dig into these. Whether it's a Disney brunch board or a cheese and meat platter, these are perfect for anyone who wants to welcome the Mouse into their house.

Did someone say Mickey and mimosas?

Who knew that Mickey and mimosas could be such a winning combo?

Put the new Mulan movie on your screen and create your own themed movie theater fully stocked with Disney snacks. Bubbly is optional (or not).

Just try and whistle while you munch.

A Disney dessert board is perfect for a celebration with the kids. And seeing as a lot of kids are stuck at home now looking for fun stuff to do, this is a great family project.

Extra points if you play Disney songs, and sing along while you prep and eat all of the goodies.

Let each bite take you to a whole new world.

Invite the spirit of the Mouse into your house — into your kitchen, even — with one of these themed boards. Trust us, you won't need Remy levels of expertise to do it.

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