Target Has Creepy Terrariums For The Ultimate Halloween Houseplant Decor

With Halloween around the corner, it's time to start breaking out the pumpkins and skeletons to decorate the home. Everyone is looking for a reason to get excited and celebrate the spooky season. After way too many months locked in our homes, it's time to break loose and shop 'til we drop to get our home all ready. Luckily, Target is here to help.

For those who love their plant babies, Target has some spooky replacements for the Halloween season.


This "spooky" terrarium is the perfect subtle yet scary decoration to put in your home for the Halloween season. It's not too overwhelming but still catches your eye.

They have multiple versions and types, too!


From the Hyde and EEK! Boutique Halloween collection, these terrariums feature some spooky bugs and creatures. They're small enough that you can display them with multiple decorations, too.

They're also reasonably priced.


These little spooky friends are reasonably priced for $20 each, which means you can get multiple and put them all around your home for that festive, fall feel.

Shoppers have spotted the terrariums out on store shelves.

Instagram | @targetovereverything

It's never too early for Halloween and your local Target store is stocked with all sorts of spooky succulents. Heck, I would display these all year. I love them!

And if you like the terrariums, you'll be glad to know there's a ton of spooky plants on Target's website.


Fortunately, all of the spooky plants are fake so you don't have to worry about them dying (even though, they're all already "dead!"). Check these out on Target's website here.

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