Grab A Slice Of Cheesecake — 'The Golden Girls' Turns 35 Today

Where in the WORLD would pop culture be without The Golden Girls?! No, actually, stop that train of thought! I cannot even imagine it!

The Golden Girls was truly the epitome of classic, eighties TV and gave us literally thousands of laughs!

Let's take a look back on the show that changed pop culture 35-years-ago today, shall we?!

Dorthy, Sophia, Blanche and Rose weren't just fabulous television characters, they were feminist icons reminding *all of us* that life doesn't end once ya turn 50!

In fact, these women make me look forward to aging and I truly believe my prime with be in my fifties!

*Golden Girls* would go on to give fans seven amazing seasons of hilarious television and would cement Betty White's career as a true comedian!

What's your favorite Golden Girls episode?!

Let us know in the comments below!

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