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There Could Be A Reese's Big Cup With Potato Chips In Our Future And I'm Already Drooling

Rumor has it that Reese's is developing a Big Cup stuffed with potato chips because sweet and salty is a combination for the ages.

While the product is not yet a confirmed launch by Reese's, fans seem like they'll be pretty salty if these sweet and savory morsels aren't a thing.

Chip-Chip hooray for these crunchy treats!

This candy consists of milk chocolate cups that are filled with potato chip-filled peanut butter.

The packaging shows that two cups will come in a pack and the potato chip pieces are combined throughout the peanut butter.

This seems to be one match made in heaven, hopefully arriving on Earth in the near future.

You'll want to double dip with these chips.

These cups seem to have the perfect chip-to-peanut butter ratio with the perfect coating of milk chocolate that will hit the spot every time.

Seriously, we dare you to eat just one package.

There's something nutty about this combination, and we love it.

While there aren't too many updates on when these delectable treats will emerge, they are likely to make an appearance sooner than later.

Let's get crunching and munching.

After the wait is finally over, we can only assume that we'll be inhaling these with even more gusto than a new bag of fresh and crispy potato chips. Although chasing the cups with a bag of chips isn't out of the realm of possibility.

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