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Make This Halloween Pretty In Pink With HomeGoods' Array Of Pink Pumpkins

We're not sure when Halloween got so glamorous or where these pink Halloween pumpkins from HomeGoods have been all our lives, but we are freaking out.

They're elegant, they're adorable, they're pink, and they're going straight into our shopping carts!

These pumpkins are gourd-eous!

We're not sure if Halloween royalty is a thing, but we're fairly sure these pink pumpkins would be essentials for any aspiring spooky glam queen.

Give them pumpkin to talk about.

Forget diamonds, pink pumpkins are a girl's best friend this season, and besties with anyone who's just not into the whole scary thing.

These lovely pumpkins range from delicate glass-blown creations to luxe velvet ones with plenty of other options to make any home fabulous.

On Halloween, we wear pink.

Move over, orange, because this Halloween we're thinking pink.

If ever there was an excuse to throw a Mean Girls-themed Halloween party, pink pumpkins are it!

You don't tell HomeGoods what you need; HomeGoods tells you.

One of the best things about HomeGoods is that you never know what amazing treasures you'll find. There are so many different styles and designs for these pink pumpkins.

It's like its own pumpkin patch with air conditioning and a a delightful candle aisle.

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