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Frankly's Organic Vodkas Are Naturally Flavored And Oh So Good On So Many Levels

Personally, I have long functioned under the belief that drinking, especially vodka, is good for me. It purifies my body, relaxes my mind, and elevates my spirit. (None of this is scientifically proven, mind you, so don't @ me!)

While I fully recognize that this may not, in fact, be true, I can at least feel a little better about drinking organic vodka that has a truly good mission.

Frankly uses organic ingredients as its base.

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Not only does Frankly start as an organic corn-based vodka, but it also boasts no refined sugars, no gluten, no artificial flavors, and no GMOs.

The same holds true for their array of flavored vodkas.

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You won't find any saccharine cake- or caramel-flavored spirits with this Austin-based brand. Instead, they offer apple, grapefruit, pomegranate, and strawberry vodkas made with organic ingredients, including ginger root, turmeric, and lemon. All of which sound pretty healthy, tbh.

At the root of it all is a message of sustainability.

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Frankly supports organic farmers, doesn't use pesticides or herbicides, and strives to have a positive footprint on the Earth.

I'm feeling better and better about drinking this stuff!

Are you ready for the final reason you need to switch to this brand?

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They give back one percent of their revenue to support no-kill animal shelters, sanctuaries, and advocacy organizations within the states they are available in.

I'm suddenly feeling much better about my drinking decisions.

Check it out here.

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