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Shiba Inu Goes Viral For Being 'That One Friend' That Always Ruins Group Pics

We all have "that one friend" that can't pose nicely for a group photo. They may be just really bad at focusing long enough to avoid blinking or the type of person who hams it up for laughs.

Back in the days of point-and-shoot film cameras, you often didn't know that cousin Timmy was flipping the bird behind Grandma's head until you got the prints back from the shop.

These days screens, instant shutters, and ample storage space help, but somehow there's is still *that one friend.*

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Or in the case of a certain viral sensation, that one dog.

Hina is a shiba inu belonging to a Hong Kong-based yoga instructor named Yoko.

She is the youngest of four in the family after Kikko, Sasha, and Momo.

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While her siblings are clearly very good at posing for group photos, Hina... does her own thing.

Yoko's Instagram account is full of pics where Hina is the odd dog out.

She really is that younger sibling that just doesn't want to calm down for family photos.

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I'm probably projecting, but her siblings always seem slightly miffed at her antics.

Like they're thinking, "Just ignore her and hopefully she'll stop doing this stuff."

Thankfully, if you scroll through the photos chronologically, Hina seems to be getting better.

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Though she's still a total ham.

If you'd like to see more of her adventures with her siblings, follow Yoko on Instagram @yokokikuchi_ks.

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