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8+ Times Celebrities Trolled Each Other And Fans Loved To Watch

With all the shade-throwing that takes place in Hollywood, it's nice to see some light-hearted fun every once in a while.

We have these celebrities below to thank for that, as they have mastered the art of trolling other celebs — including their significant others!

They've done everything from utilizing Photoshop to sneaking onto each other's TV sets!

1. Kevin Hart vs. Dwayne Johnson

Instagram | @kevinhart4real

Fans are obsessed with the unlikely bromance between the Jumanji costars.

The guys are constantly throwing hilarious jabs at each other, like the time Kevin Hart dressed up as The Rock for Halloween.

The Rock managed to trump this by photoshopping Hart's face onto a picture of him holding his daughter.

Instagram | @therock

It's all part of the running gag that Kevin is his son.

Later, the Rock even took a jab at Kevin with a baby Yoda meme!

2. Matt Damon vs. Jimmy Kimmel

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

It's crazy to believe, but the running gag that the actor and late-night talk show host hate each other has gone on for over 10 years!

This all started in 2003.

Jimmy had ended his show by saying, “I want to apologize to Matt Damon. We ran out of time."

Of course, this didn't happen, but he thought that it would be hilarious to say.

It's stuck ever since then, growing legs they didn't expect. Even Ben Affleck has gotten involved as the "middle man" (quite literally in this clip).

3. Gabrielle Union vs. Dwyane Wade

When the Bring It On star's husband missed a shot during an important basketball game, there was no way she was also going to miss her delivering a savage burn.

Let's hope he learned his lesson!

4. Blake Shelton vs. Adam Levine

Instagram | @blakeshelton

While we loved watching Blake and Gwen Stefani's romance unfold on The Voice, there was another relationship we loved to see: the bromance between Adam and Blake.

These two love to pull all sorts of tricks on each other.

Like the time Adam sent his *People*'s "Sexiest Man" cover to Blake's house.

I took it, framed it ... This is not a cheap, practical joke, by the way," Levine told Jimmy Kimmel.

"It was a lot more expensive than I care to admit."

He clearly wanted to rub it in. But the joke was on him since Blake later won the title!

It would be such a missed opportunity if Blake didn't retaliate by framing and sending his own issue to Adam in the mail!

5. Kristen Bell vs. Dax Shepard

Instagram | @kristenbell

When Kristen aired out her hilarious grievance towards her husband, it felt like an episode of Friends.

"This is not a bit. @daxshepard has sincerely suggested the new home for the lazy boy from his office be in the center of my living room," she captioned this pic.

"He made an adorable argument about how epic his TV viewing experience will be if I let him keep it there. The man has lost his mind. #chiphappens."

Unfortunately, just like Monica had to deal with Chandler's god-ugly Barcalounger chair, so does Kristen!

In case you needed yet another example of how secure (and hilarious) this couple is, take a look at exhibit A:

Dax — who, by the way, is a serious lover of motorcycles — posted this picture of a graduating student guzzling down a bottle of champagne on a motorcycle.

6. Channing Tatum vs. Taron Egerton

These two first became fast friends when they starred in Kingsman: The Golden Circle together.

While it's hard to replicate the close bond that Channing and Jonah Hill have, they came pretty close.

Pretty soon, they were fighting like brothers as a prank war on set emerged.

"The day he left, he filled my trailer with I think it was about 20 sex dolls and some rather disturbingly large prosthetics," Egerton told People.

7. Jennifer Lawrence vs. Chris Pratt

Instagram | @prattprattpratt

Fans were taken along for a ride when the Passengers costars started an epic battle against each other.

It began with Pratt sharing unflattering photos of J-Law on social media.

Jennifer retaliated by spray painting a bus that had Chris Pratt's face on it.

YouTube | BBC Radio 1

But things really came to a head when the costars took part in an insult battle together for BBC Radio 1.

"You are so stupid that your three-year-old son probably taught you everything you know," Jennifer said. Burn!

8. Amy Schumer vs. The Kardashians

Instagram | @kimkardashian

What started as a real feud ended in friendship. Basically, when Amy hosted SNL, she made fun of the family for being terrible role models.

The family did not take kindly to this, as they soon blasted the comedian on social media.

But once Amy publicly apologized, all was good.

Instagram | @amyschumer

She's even had some fun trolling them over the years, like the time she wore a bodysuit from Kim's SKIMs line and hilariously offered to be a model for the brand.

9. Ryan Reynolds vs. Hugh Jackman

YouTube | Ryan Reynolds

What began as X-Men costars has transformed into one of Hollywood's favorite bromances.

They may be thicker than thieves, but their constant back-and-forth does leave some fans guessing. Like the time Ryan made this hilarious video about Hugh.

To retaliate, Hugh's dog went #2 on a picture of Ryan dressed up as Deadpool.

Instagram | @vancityreynolds

Hugh even got Jake Gyllenhaal involved in their scheming against each other!

With their fake truce in 2019, don't expect their feud to ever end!

10. Ryan Reynolds Vs. Blake Lively

Getty Images | Steven Ferdman

This husband and wife duo will go down in history as one of the greatest couples ever, simply because they are experts at trolling each other.

Like when Ryan celebrated Blake's birthday posting only unflattering pictures of her.

Instagram | @vancityreynolds

It's hard to believe that an unflattering photo of Blake even exists, but here we are.

Sending the most hilariously cruel birthday wishes is what Blake and Ryan do best.

Take his 2016 Tweet on Blake's birthday, for example.

If my relationship isn't like this, I don't want it.

Of course, Blake has NO problem holding her own.

For Ryan's birthday, she shared a picture of Ryan Gosling, the other famous Canadian Ryan, and cut half of her husband out of it.


11. Ryan Reynolds vs. Dwayne Johnson

The Rock took to Instagram to share that he had pulled his own security gate out of his brick wall after it malfunctioned. It was also a pretty clear but impressive humble brag because...come on.

Sure enough, Ryan was right there to troll his old pal Dwayne.

Instagram | @vancityreynolds

He very kindly told Dwayne that the gate opened the other way and well...we can't stop laughing.

12. Gwyneth Paltrow vs. her daughter.

Instagram | @gwynethpaltrow

Teenagers are fun, aren't they? We've seen a few times now that Gwyneth's daughter isn't afraid to sass her mom on social media.

Apple trolled her mom by making fun of her now world-famous vagina candles.

Instagram | @gwynethpaltrow

"Apple's interpretation of my to-do list #quaranteen," Gwyneth captioned the hilarious to-do list that Apple made just for her.

And yes, in case you missed it, Gwyneth's Goop brand is now selling vagina-scented candles.