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Walgreens Is Selling The Cutest Ghost And Pumpkin Faux Succulent Planters For Halloween

Is it just me, or is the Halloween decor this year particularly awesome? No matter what store you head to these days, there's going to be at least one Halloween item you can happily strut out the store with.

You may not think a drugstore is where you might find fire Halloween decor, but think again, because Walgreen is really coming through.

We've seen a lot of cute faux succulent Halloween planters so far this season, but nothing like these quadruplets.

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How cute are they? Walgreens is currently selling the ghastly group of four.

Three of them have faux succulents sticking out of their heads, and one is just there to hang out.

They also have a group of jack-o'-lanterns that is pretty difficult to not immediately scoop into your hands.

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The faux succulent planters are $7.99 each, so call up your local Walgreens and make sure they have them stocked before you go grab your own!

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