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10+ Facts About 'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston Fans Didn't Know

Bryan Cranston is one of the most fascinating figures in Hollywood. He struggled for years to break into the business and has gone on to become one of the most sought-after actors working today.

To celebrate and honor the incredible actor and human being, I've managed to piece together 10+ facts about Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston that fans didn't know. Settle in because we're about to start cooking!

1. Bryan once took a two-year motorcycle trip across the United States.

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Bryan is constantly expounding upon the value of self-discovery. He believes that sometimes, in order to find yourself, you have to first understand what it means to be lost.

It's what drove him to take a two-year motorcycle trip across the country with his brother.

2. He has little patience for stupid questions.

During a question panel at Nerd HQ, Cranston was asked by a fan of Breaking Bad if he liked filming in Albuquerque and if he had fun.

Cranston's response was "Yeah, I'd go and visit your mother every once in a while."

3. Bryan wasn't the network's first choice for Walter White.

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AMC and Vince Gilligan originally offered the part to both John Cusack as well as Matthew Broderick — both of whom declined.

It took some convincing from Gilligan, but eventually, the network caved and Bryan was brought in.

4. He's a die-hard LA Dodgers fan.

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Bryan has been a fan of the Dodgers since he was a young boy.

By his own admission, there's only one job in the world that could ever tempt him to leave his acting career: General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers!

5. Bryan is a published author!

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Back in 2016, Bryan published his memoirs called "A Life In Parts." It details the very early stages of Bryan's life as well as his humble career beginnings.

I haven't read it but it's on my list!

6. Bryan is a vocal advocate against gun violence.

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Bryan became involved with #NotOneMore. They're a political organization determined to help get guns out of the hands of young children.

He gave an impassioned argument on Larry King Now accusing the U.S. government of being a puppet for the NRA.

7. He gets erotic fan mail.

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Bryan brought the spicy love-letter with him during an appearance on Conan. He began to read a very detailed letter from a female fan confessing her sexual desires — for his co-star Aaron Paul!

Better luck next time, Bryan.

8. Bryan's sense of humor is one of a kind!

During last year's Super Bowl, Bryan did an ad for Mountain Dew. The commercial was an obvious spoof on Stanley Kubrick's horror classic — The Shining.

It was more entertaining than the game itself!

9. Before he broke into acting, Bryan had a very interesting day job.

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Long before the days of online dating, there used to be something known as video dating. Hopeful singles would record a short snippet of video in the hopes of landing a prospective date or mate.

Bryan was the one who recorded the videos!

10. Bryan has his own Mezcal company with fellow *Breaking Bad* co-star, Aaron Paul.

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Mezcal is a type of spirit. A rule of thumb for reference is all tequila is mezcal but not all mezcal is tequila.

Bryan and Aaron launched their company Dos Hombres in the summer of 2019.

11. Bryan has a history with *The Power Rangers* you might not know about.

When The Power Rangers TV show was in full swing, Bryan did voice work for the monsters who would battle the Rangers.

In 2017, when the series rebooted, he was cast to play the voice of Zordon!

12. He and his brother were once suspects in a murder case!

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Bryan and his brother had the unfortunate pleasure of being waiters for a horrible man named Peter Wong.

He made the whole staff so miserable that during the waiter meetings, everyone would joke about how they would murder Peter, were they given the chance.

Then one day, the police showed up at the restaurant asking if anyone had ever spoken about harming Peter.


Call it karma, fate, or just plain bad luck but Peter was murdered!

Bryan and his brother had left town the week before, so the police put out an APB on their motorcycles!

13. Bryan gave out his real phone number to fans!

Bryan has been a vocal about spreading awareness of social distancing and proper PPE protocol. But he's the first to admit that this period of quarantine has been difficult.

That's why he gave fans the opportunity to text him, in order to help connect with his audience at home.

14. He has a *Breaking Bad* tattoo!

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After the series wrapped, Bryan got the show's logo tattooed on the inside of his ring finger.

It's a subtle homage and a wonderful reminder of one of the greatest periods in his entire professional life.