Makeup Artist Uses Her Skills To Give Deserving Women A Fresh Start

I've already introduced you to Goar Avetisyan. This Russian makeup artist is a master of giving women amazing transformations. What she does with makeup, I can only dream of doing one day.

I honestly don't know how she does it but she deserves all the praise she gets. In addition to everyday makeup looks, Goar prides herself on using her talents to help women who have survived hardships to give them a fresh start in life.

If you're looking for a dramatic change, Goar is your lady.

She will transform you into the diva you really are. How amazing does this lady look here? I'm loving this beautiful makeup Goar was able to create for this lady.

This amazing lady who uses a wheelchair got to have Goar as her makeup artist for a special makeover.

Instagram | @goar_avetisyan

It's hard to believe without looking at these pictures that this is even the same person here. I think she has plenty to smile about now.

Here's another super-glam look any lady would be happy to show off.

This looks like something that could be worn for an award show or another special event. I hope this beauty has somewhere awesome to go after this makeover.

Sometimes, what is really needed is a newly updated hairstyle.

I absolutely love the haircut this pretty woman received here. Paired with a put-together makeup look, she's ready to take on the world. Don't you think? Ha, ha!

Oh my goodness, I can hardly believe this is the same lady here.

She looks absolutely spectacular. A bit of makeup highlighted her stunning cheekbones and the red lipstick makes the whole look pop. I'm sure she was turning heads on the street after this makeover.

If you ever had imperfections on your face or an uneven skin tone, you might have wondered what to do about it.

Goar was able to give this lady such a fresh face here that looks absolutely flawless. Isn't this a thing of beauty?

Not every makeover Goar creates is always very dramatic.

Sometimes she gives a lady subtle touch-ups that end up making a big difference. I think she was able to make this lady look very natural and gave her an effortless look.

Speaking of natural beauty, this lady is already so gorgeous.

She didn't really need much to enhance her natural beauty. Goar was able to polish-up her look here to make her look even more stunning than she already did before. If you can even believe that —ha, ha!

If you ever suffered from bothersome skin, you might relate to this particular case.

I know I'm not happy whenever my skin has breakouts and it definitely makes me want to hide. Thanks to Goar, this woman doesn't need to do any of that.

Here's another case of natural beauty that has been amplified by Goar's skillful hands.

This lady already had pretty flawless skin but now she looks even better. This is the type of makeup that channels that whole "no-makeup" trend.

Here's Goar doing a makeover on herself.

I love how she was able to show that even she can have a bad hair day, ha, ha! This makes her seem a little bit more human, no? I love how playful she is with her followers.

This lady looks like she just got a new lease on life.

And she's pretty much taking it and running with it. I'm so impressed with the way her skin looks after the transformation. I bet she has more confidence than before now.

Oh my, it's pretty apparent from these pictures that Goar is really a master at making women look beautiful inside and out.

I bet this lady is so appreciative of this amazing makeover she received from one of the best makeup artists on the planet.

This transformation is simply incredible.

Goar is passionate about helping women unlock their inner self-confidence and beauty. Many of her clients have faced hardships like cancer treatments, domestic abuse, burns, or facial scars. She hopes her makeovers are one way to help these women heal.

Wow, just when I thought I've seen the best of Goar's work she surprises us with more amazing transformations.

Looking at these pictures makes me look forward to seeing more of Goar's work. Isn't she the best? I'm so impressed by her.

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