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Spend A Crisp Fall Day Crafting Up A DIY Pumpkin Diorama

Sure, you could go out and purchase fresh Halloween decor, but why do that when you can DIY something unique instead of buy something others can own as well?

Crisp fall days are meant to be spent sipping tea and crafting, and a pumpkin diorama is perfect for the occasion.

How neat is a pumpkin diorama?

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It's pretty much the ultimate fall DIY project.

Pumpkin dioramas are essentially a tiny Halloween or fall scene within a pumpkin, and they couldn't be a more unique addition to existing festive decor.

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There are so many different kinds of pumpkin dioramas to make, and you could definitely spend a few crisp fall days making a tiny village of them.

You can either make a fresh pumpkin diorama with a real pumpkin, but people usually cut a window out of a fake foam pumpkin so they can keep their pumpkin diorama for years to come.

Lia Griffith

Blogger Lia Griffith used a craft foam pumpkin, faux moss, and cardstock to create an easy spooky house scene with ghosts.

She also included a battery-operated LED tealight to light up the house and really bring the scene to life.

When it comes to decorating the inside of your pumpkin diorama, Michaels is the place to go.

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At the end of summer, the craft store stocks their shelves with tiny Halloween-themed figures that are perfect to create a spooky scene.

If you're lucky, you may come across pre-made versions at popular retail stores like HomeGoods.

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Will you be giving a pumpkin diorama DIY a try?

Let us know!