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People Are Making Covid Christmas Ornaments That Perfectly Sum Up How Horrible 2020 Has Been

Let's face it, the 2020 holiday season isn't shaping up to be so jolly. In fact, most of us have probably moved over to team Grinch at this point.

But hey, we've found the perfect middle ground between festive and frustrated with these covid Christmas ornaments that pretty much sum up this garbage year in hilarious decorative form.

Santa Claus better not come to town spreading germs all over the house this year.

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Forget having your kids send their Christmas lists to Santa this year, because the best present good ol' Saint Nick can provide them is to stay far away.

Tough break Santa, that means there will be no fresh batch of cookies this year.

On the one thousandth day of Christmas my true love said to me, 'wear a darn mask!'

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When we said we wanted warm memories that would last a lifetime, a hot garbage year isn't what we meant.

However, this ornament sums up everything that 2020 actually turned out to be, and it really stinks!

We will never forget the epic battle scars of the stupid toilet paper wars of 2020.

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This is the year, people panicked and really threw us for a loop; or to be more accurate, they were on a crazy roll.

We still don't know what it is about a global pandemic that compels people to hoard toilet paper. We're just glad we managed to stock up and hide it in our closet before the mayhem hit.

While 2020 is frightful, these ornaments are strangely kind of delightful.

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If doomsday is here, we might as well have the appropriate decor, and maybe even customize it to fit our own personal hell.

Happy holidays, or whatever.

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