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Take A Trip To The Dark Side Of The Plant Force With A Dark Lord Philodendron

Getting a smidge tired of looking at your indoor green garden?

Well, head right on over to the dark side of the plant force with a striking Dark Lord Philodendron plant.

If you're looking to switch things up in the plant department, consider bringing some moody darkness into your space with a Dark Lord Philodendron plant.

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Do you think it's Darth Vader approved?

The large-leaved plant goes through a few cool stages of color.

Instagram | @ aceplunt

According to Kens Nursery, the color of the foliage start orange, changing to a striking blood red, and then to a deep dark green that almost looks black.

This plant grows on the larger side of things, so you'd better make some extra space for your new buddy.

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They're also fairly easy to care for and do just fine in low-light conditions.

If you're into "goth" plants, this is a necessary addition to your plant family.

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Check out your local plant nurseries to see if they have them in stock!