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People Are Obsessed With Target's Ultra Cute $5 Ghost Mug For Halloween

No seasonal decorating rendezvous is complete without a trip to "Tarjay." Every new season of every year, the coveted big box retail store fills its shelves with freshly designed seasonal goodies to keep people coming back for more.

Among their large lineup of new and improved Halloween-themed mugs is a super cute ghost mug that people are already obsessed with.

If you haven't perused Target's seasonal decor section, what the heck are you waiting for?

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They have the cutest items ready to be nestled right into your home and hands, like this super adorable ghost mug.

The 9.7-ounce Threshold mug has become an instant favorite and the latest collector's item for Target aficionados.

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Seriously. Search the hashtag #targethalloween on Instagram and virtually every other photo features this cutie.

The mug is made of hardy stoneware, so it'll be around for Halloween seasons to come.

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You'd better apologize to your favorite Halloween mug right now, because this buddy is about to replace it.

The mug certainly makes mornings so much more "boo-tiful," don't you think?

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Find it at your local Target or order online for only $5.

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