14+ Hilarious Fails That Were Pretty Ironic

The world is full of examples of people's failures — and isn't that just a cheerful way to start a funny article! But honestly, sometimes these failures can be way more funny than we expect!

And, to prove this, here are 14+ hilarious fails that were pretty ironic!

Genuine Fake Watches!

Reddit | mephiztus

I've always wanted a genuine fake Cartier. It's just like the real thing...I swear! As a side note, I love how that guy is dressed like literally any British man on their holidays.

Hmm, Is That So...

Reddit | thistardis

This started quite a heated debate among some people as to whether it's the parents or the teachers who are the problem.

"For anyone who is still not sure exactly what irony is..."

Reddit | AnitaPVote

I've been telling people to go go go go go go go go go paperless for years now, so it's good to see big companies getting on board with the message!

"These painted 'soap bubbles' just make it look like the soap dispenser is dirty."

Reddit | AmericaRUserious

Ah, yes, nothing screams clean quite like that whole "bird poop chic" aesthetic that they were clearly going for.

"Drew this for my bf this morning and forgot about it. Scared the poop out of myself."

Reddit | EclipseCaste

At least they were in the right place to be scaring the poop out of themselves, as they so delicately put it!

Should Have Been More Wary Of The Blue Line Behind The Text!

Reddit | Benji__Man

I bet that whoever was in charge of designing and installing this sign got in quite a bit of trouble thanks to this little stunt!

"The irony was strong with this one!"

Reddit | siekone

Dear God, why bother wearing the belt in the first place? He's got a belt on and yet this is actually happening! Christ, I need a white wine after just looking at this bastion of asshattery.

Is That So?

Reddit | avaguesound

Also, what kind of fortune is that meant to be anyway? I hate it when they're just vague sayings instead of wildly inaccurate predictions! Give me my wildly inaccurate predictions, dammit!

So Close, Yet So Far!

Reddit | Tysontaco

There must have been a glimmer of hope when they realized that there were too many letters there, but they fell down at the last hurdle!

Too Little, Too Late!

Reddit | poormansnigella

That dog could see the damage that this book could potentially do to its freedom and clearly took matters into its own hands.

*Snoring Sounds...*

Reddit | dogoodfeelgood

I mean, come on! They weren't even close to making it through there. Had they only been driving that bus for an hour?

Heed Thine Own Warning!

Reddit | TheArcofGames

Looks like this guy has become the very thing he swore to destroy. Although, personally, I'd sooner be destroying cargo shorts and pulled-up white socks than destroying phones!

"Oh, the irony..."

Reddit | Floridafunones

The only way that you could turn acquiring this thing into a moment would be by stealing it...not that I am encouraging that kind of behavior!

Get Cracking Then, Bob!

Reddit | ImmobileLavishness

I think that a more accurate slogan would be, "Can we fix it? Maybe, but don't hold your breath about it!"

"Quiet zone but no headphones allowed?"

Reddit | Tthelegend

Maybe it is the sort of quiet zone on a train where you're not even allowed to have noises inside your head! Not a single thought can enter your brain for the whole journey!

Spot The Total Tool!

Reddit | blackrainicorn

I mean, they'd be pretty hard to bloody miss, really! This driver clearly approaches parking lines like the pirates' code: They're more like guidelines than actual rules!

Embrace The Things You Hate!

Reddit | hirsty19784

At least they are consistent when it comes to doing the very things that clearly annoy them!

No Dents!

Reddit | room-room-

Maybe they're just trying a new tactic: If they say that there are no dents enough times, then people will just start believing them!

"Our daughter pulled a knife on the hired princess at her 3rd birthday party."

Reddit | drow890

You hired some princesses for what, to mock her? She's the only real princess, and she'll make sure those phonies know.

"First accurate fortune I’ve ever gotten."

Reddit | JessLovesNaps

These types of fortunes are the best. Can't make fun of it when it's right!

Speaking Of Fortunes.

Reddit | briochebro

Two one in a million people? It's simply meant to be! You're soulmates!

"Best Tattoo Ever."

Reddit | Ananay83

Saying this is the best is kind of a stretch. I would say it's the most desperate, though.

"I guess I'll be drinking some irony this morning."

Reddit | dddash

This isn't a failure, just a roadblock. You can still drink out of that mug!

"My package of irony arrived today!"

Reddit | zaphodava

Here's hoping they didn't use the same type of tape you bought to seal that box. Otherwise, you might want to return it.

Creating Problems.

Reddit | IFeelGoodAboutHood

Sure, this sucks, but you've got what you need to clean it right there!

"Found these laying on the floor of my gym [...]."

Reddit | Tanman215

Once they get their keys back, they're going to need a new keychain.

Are You Sure?

Reddit | youcancallmehan

There's an easy fix to this: Just add "metaphorically" in brackets at the end. Makes it correct and funny!

Cat Tree.

Reddit | micmac2869

What did you expect her to do, try to squeeze into one of the bottom components? She wouldn't fit!

"Who would’ve thunk?"

Reddit | gluuey

Does it really count as "containing" when the product just is peanuts?

"Stop tweeting?"

Reddit | Xylaphonic

They want you to follow them so you can watch as they never post anything. They're leading by example.

Safety First!

Reddit | TommyCrocodile

His heart's in the right place, but his actions aren't. Also, I'm confused... Is he advocating for or against hard hats?

"Current state of the world."

Reddit | Lennington_

There's something to be said about aggressive positivity in the face of, well, all of this!

Where Could They Be?

Reddit | Artantic

There are few things like the unique pain of not being able to find your keys. You can hear the screams of, "Well, they have to be in here" through the picture!

"Science has gone too far."

Reddit | Brandy_Bran

I'm suddenly very concerned about where my rice comes from if it isn't plant-based.

Are They Protesting Or Broken Down?

Reddit | saatana

Can you imagine breaking down with your partner, only for them to go, "Don't worry, I'll break out the devil sticks!" Christ alive, you'd rethink your whole life, wouldn't you?