17+ People Who Frustrate Us To No End

This world is full of things and people that frustrate us in an unending number of ways, from people who complain about absolutely everything to those who simply can't be bothered to follow the simplest of instructions.

And, with this idea in mind, here are 17+ funny people who frustrate us to no end!

"Everybody loves beach basketball!"

Reddit | MrPijus123

Beach basketball is a part of the Infuriating Beach Olympics. Other sports include beach tennis, beach bowling, and beach figure skating.

"Smart car balanced at an elevated position in the bed of a truck being towed by another truck with a rope. No straps. No chains."

Reddit | FreeTangerine4829

I mean, Smart cars are dangerous enough on the road due to the fact that they cause drivers to immediately vomit upon seeing them. But this is even more dangerous!

"That's one way to do it."

Reddit | pmally14

I mean, sometimes you really just can't be bothered to make two trips, can you? Even if making that one trip will cause everyone driving behind you to have to change their underwear!


Reddit | thai_knee_dancer

It took me reading this in a multitude of ways before I eventually realized that it was trying to say "Inhale Exhale"!

"If only Louisiana looked like a letter of the alphabet."

Reddit | ydnarim

I absolutely llve this cup. That catastrophic screw-up really distracts from the vacuous sentiment of the message.

"Go upstairs to tell us you need help going upstairs."

Reddit | ObiWan-Jacoby

This place is so close to being accommodating but is falling down at the last hurdle. I can just imagine people at the bottom of the stairs screaming up to the buffet all day.

"My mom everyone..."

Reddit | Aeydeetea

Ah, yes, it looks like her garage has upgraded to one of those new wireless fuel pumps! They're very advanced!

"Nothing says privacy like saloon-style doors."

Reddit | ZappBrannigansLaw

I feel like all of the time I was using this toilet, I would be waiting for someone in spurs to boot the door in while a piano player suddenly stopped playing.

"So my dad renovated the bathroom upstairs with... carpet. I hate it."

Reddit | SaraiHarada

Ah, yes, there really is nothing quite like the feeling of damp, mushy carpet under your wet feet to make you hate being alive!

"These barriers designed to prevent cyclists from passing through..."

Reddit | jacksterooney

I can spot a bit of a flaw in their plan. Can any of you eagle-eyed people out there also spot the tiny flaw here?

"The slogan listed under CAUTION on this septic truck."

Reddit | iheartcorneas

Regardless of the party or person you vote for, we're all united in the fact that we have been lied to by politicians at one time or another!

"Tell your wedding guests to die with these custom cookies..."

Reddit | stopwatchaffair

Of all the ways they could have written this, why did they go for D | E instead of D & E? Maybe they knew what they were doing but they just hate their family and friends.

"My husband always got colored pencils for his birthday growing up and hates them ['cause] he's colorblind. He's wanted an iPhone forever so I bought him one..."

Reddit | jabberingginger

At least this is a funny joke. However, what seems incredibly cruel is the idea that this poor man's family bought him colored pencils while growing up despite him being colorblind!

"Yay! We are happy you to see."

Reddit | Indiana_Holmes

This infuriating welcome message was brought to you by Headaches, Brain Farts, and General Idiocy Weekly!

"Every time I go to my local church I am amazed [at] how high the architect must have been to make this."

Reddit | GUTSY-69

"Dave, I don't think that was where they wanted the windows to go."

"Jeez, what am I supposed to do? Just listen to what the client says and put windows in correct places all the time?!"

"Well, yeah."

"I think the steakhouse I went to is going through an identity crisis."

Reddit | Bacon_maggot

I can just imagine someone who is actually from Texas going to this steakhouse and having an aneurysm when they saw this.

"Local sign company apparently refuses to proofread."

Reddit | noahmancometh

Or, alternatively, Capital Roofing was adamant that they wanted it exactly as they wrote it, mistakes and all!

"Someone didn't put [too] much thought into this."

Reddit | finnhaspandaz

It always baffles me when people don't understand how acronyms work. I mean, they're not hard, are they?

"Professionals have standards."

Reddit | rosebal

Supply and demand, kid. No one wants substandard teeth anymore so you gotta keep 'em in tip-top shape.

"Abby's boss has no chill."

Reddit | dookitron

She's the one who didn't show up. I think her boss earned a bit of public annoyance.

"We just harvested corn from our garden... it has ONE kernel."

Reddit | cultureShocked5

This could make the perfect amount of popcorn for a very short movie.

"Year No. 4 at my wife's family reunion."

Reddit | switchfootball

I think it's time for something more obvious. A shirt maybe, or a hat, so you can spare yourself the writing time.

"[No] judgement zone."

Reddit | -wholesome

This kid is living the dream. If it were more socially acceptable to wear Halloween costumes every day, they'd make up my whole closet.

"Question of the Day in my local newspaper: Milk or Gas, Yes or No?"

Reddit | Geophery13

I'm confused about how there are any stats at all. Who answered this? Why? Did it make sense to them?

"[Sister] got some 'silver' wrapping paper to wrap [dad's] presents."

Reddit | dmwp99

Who needs silver wrapping paper when you can just use tin foil! Then, use your new clear foil around it for a...chic look. Yeah, chic.

Good thing no one thought to look under that rock!

Reddit | sneakyneeky

It's one of those "hiding in plain sight" things. It's so obviously not hidden, no one will even notice it!

UPS At It Again.

Reddit | achin4baconbegs4eggs

UPS delivery people fall on one end of a sliding scale that goes from "makes the smallest, quietest knock ever so as not to be heard" to "knocks and then books it out of there before the recipient can even get up to answer the door."

"She's said absolutely NO sesame seeds."

Reddit | elmandingus

I understand it's just a heavy dislike for them, but it really sounds like they had some sort of traumatic sesame seed experience in the past.

"Signed, patient neighbor who is no longer patient."

Reddit | endershane

You can feel this person's simmering rage in their words. It's justified, too. Only the worst people don't properly throw out their dog poop.

"Had no hot dog buns and now my bf and I realize we are two very different people."

Reddit | ItsMeVeriity

There's no right or wrong answer here, just a fun little problem-solving exercise that we get to judge freely.

"Welcome Home!"

Reddit | pwnytalez

The absolute pride in that man's face is worth even more than the prank itself.

"So I walked into the kitchen at 5:30am and saw this in the sink... This is not my cat."

Reddit | lmdrobvious

Hey, man, he looks like he's going through it. Why not just let him chill for a bit?

"Her frustration with why it wouldn't work was almost as funny as the act itself."

Reddit | DuckRuckus

It is slightly more unsettling that this person is allowed to be in charge of a vehicle on the road!

"[My Spanish] textbook has someone calling someone and asking for their number."

Reddit | robotix6

This starts to make more sense when you see she's holding a landline — that ancient relic — and he might be asking for her cell phone number.

Who Is Really The Problem?

Reddit | TXVERAS

Sadly, as someone pointed out, the people who this is aimed at more than likely lack the self-awareness to realize it is them that this sign is talking about!