You Can Get Single-Serve RumChata Coffee Creamer Cups That Actually Contain 13% ABV

If you've found yourself here inside this article, welcome. You or someone you know probably loves a little spiked coffee moment, and we're here to share some great news.

RumChata has single-serve "MiniChata" creamer cups to make your boozy brunch experience even better than it already was.

If you love a little RumChata in your coffee, then these single-serve RumChata creamer cups belong in your kitchen cupboard.


You no longer need to unscrew a cap and use your precious arm muscles to tip the mouth of the bottle into your coffee, and most importantly, you can bring these on the go.

The packs come with 15 tiny 25ml cups filled with RumChata. And yes, there's a whopping 13.75% ABV in every MiniChata.

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RumChata did not come to play!

This product has been around for a few years, but they definitely deserve some time in the spotlight, especially with the cooler weather on its way.

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Order online from Drizly or check out your local authorized liquor and beer grocery store to see if they're available.

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