The Tiny Chef

The Tiny Green Chef Is Taking Over Our Kitchens (And Hearts) In A Big Way

Sometimes the biggest surprises can come from the smallest of places — and in some cases, even the tiniest of kitchens! The Tiny Chef is taking over the world one platform at a time, whether it's social media, the world of picture books, and even the world of television!

Diply got the chance to speak to The Tiny Team, Cheffy's entourage of handlers, all about how this tiny green chef is winning over hearts, minds, and (perhaps most importantly of all) tummies all over the world.

You may have seen this adorable tiny green chef taking over social media.

Instagram | @thetinychefshow

This little guy is The Tiny Chef, who also goes by Cheffy, and his adorable charm combined with his passion for cooking has garnered him a massive following of over 600k on Instagram and 45.k on YouTube, which is no small feat for such a small Chef.

We asked where Cheffy first discovered his love for cooking, but it turns out that Cheffy is as mysterious as he is adorable. "He's been in love with cooking long before anyone on the Tiny Team met him. He’s a true Chef," The Tiny Team told us. "The Chef is passionate about many things like animals and music. But his passion for food feels the very strongest."

Cheffy is releasing his very first picture book, "The Tiny Chef and da mishing weshipee blook!"

Instagram | @thetinychefshow

The book follows the Tiny Chef at home in his kitchen on a beautiful day, but not everything is as perfect as it seems. He's misplaced his favorite recipe book—the one he uses to cook all of his best dishes, like his famous fall stew.

As an added bonus, the audiobook will be narrated by RuPaul!

Of course, Cheffy isn't a one-trick pony! When we asked about some of his other favorite go-to recipes, the Tiny Team told us, "The Chef loves a good loaf of bread. I think he cherishes how long the process is, and when he gets the loaf just right, he feels a huge sense of pride."

And he's definitely a giver, too! "He also loves cooking anything he can give away to loved ones, like his bottlecap pies," the Tiny Team said.

The Tiny Chef knows that cooking isn't just for the experts! Anyone can cook, as long as they "always cook with love and have fun while doing it."

Instagram | @thetinychefshow

If you've got little ones yourself that might just be discovering their love for cooking alongside Cheffy, he has lots of family-friendly recipes available on his website — The Tiny Team recommends his "Blanana Bwed," which they say is "super yummy."

There's also another pretty exciting way for you to follow along with Cheffy's recipes, as The Tiny Chef will be headed to Nickelodeon for his own cooking show, which will be produced by one of Cheffy's famous friends, Kristen Bell.

Calling Kristen "even better" than how she seems on TV, The Tiny Team said, "We call her Chef’s 'fairy god human' and even that doesn’t quite do Kristen justice. Her and Chef have a special relationship and Miss Kwisten has been the truest of friends to him."

The Tiny Chef has a pretty simple mission in life.

Instagram | @thetinychefshow

As the Tiny Team put it, all he wants is "to spread his plant based recipes far and wide and inspire kids and adults everywhere to discover the joy of cooking. We also feel the Chef is naturally so empathetic and kind that hopefully, that example rubs off on all of us 'Mother Cheffers' who adore him."

If you can't get enough of this little chef, you can find him on Instagram, YouTube, and on TikTok. You can also pre-order The Tiny Chef And Da Missing Weshipee Blook right here!