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Gather Your Best Witches Around The Cauldron And Enjoy This Vodka And Brandy Pumpkin Patch Punch

Are you ready for a deliciously enchanting cocktail specially made for Halloween? Then grab your cauldron, call up your best witches, and whip up a batch of this magically delightful Pumpkin Patch Punch. And we mean punch.

This drink will definitely summon your happy spirits!

Half Baked Harvest

It starts with the two greatest words in the English language: vodka and brandy. Then it calls for a blend of apple cider, orange juice, and lemon juice as a mixer.

There's a secret ingredient that pulls it all together.

Half Baked Harvest

No, we're not talking about eye of newt. Spiced pumpkin butter is the added ingredient that makes this punch smooth and deliciously rich. You can find a recipe here.

You'll fall in love with this gourd-geous drink.

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To finish off the drink, you can top it off with a splash of ginger beer and rim your glasses with cinnamon sugar. Your witches will be mad impressed.

For the full recipe, head here.

There are plenty of recipes out there to make this Halloween punchy.

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Whether you opt for a combo of vodka and brandy or bourbon and brandy, just make sure you whip up a large batch, cuz your witches will be waiting.