Target's $10 Haunted Cookie House Kits Put A Spooky Spin On A Classic Holiday Tradition

Looking for some fun Halloween-themed socially distanced activities to participate in this spooky season to keep you nice and occupied?

Get the tea kettle going, pop in Hocus Pocus, and get seated at a table, because Target's got you covered.

You may already be familiar with Target's Hyde And Eek! Boutique haunted cookie house kits, but if you're not, it's time to get acquainted.


They have three cookie decorating kits that put a deliciously spooky twist on a classic holiday tradition and activity.

The kits all swap gingerbread cookie pieces for a chocolate cookie, which might actually be tastier.

Decorators can choose between a Haunted Mansion cookie kit or a Moonlit Cottage.


They each come with their own decorative icing and candy pieces, so get ready to let your creativity soar.

They also have a super cute Spooky Graveyard cookie kit to switch things up.


This one already looks a lot less of a messy experience, but it still keeps the spirit of the tradition alive.

The best part? Each kit is only $10, so you can collect them all and wait for a crisp rainy fall night to whop any one of them out.

Find them on Target's website and get decorating!