Plant Gorgeous Peony Tulips Now And You'll Get A Major Dose Of Petal Power Come Spring

I love a good mash-up, especially when it results in something as gorgeous as this peony-tulip hybrid that will definitely make your garden the talk of the town come spring.

So, don't dawdle; put the petal to the metal and plant these lovely blooms now. Seriously, you need to plant them in the fall.

Go on and tiptoe through the peony tulips.

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Peonies are garden favorites that continue to deliver on beauty since they're perennial plants. And their penchant for making weddings picture-perfect is no secret.

The difference with peony tulips, however, is they come in the form of a bulb (like a traditional tulip) and can be mixed up every season. Hello, color-coordinated garden!

Bud, seriously, is there anything more lavish than these blooms?

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Peony tulips are a type of double-flowered tulip, meaning they have a lot more petals than regular tulips, so they make for some very full flower arrangements.

They're sold multiple solid shades or you can go for a multicolored variety. For something really out of the box, there's also the frilly-edged 'Cool Crystal.'

Popular varieties include soft pink 'Angelique', creamy white 'Mount Tacoma', and purplish 'Blue Spectacle'.

Pretty in pink, cream, purple, or red.

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Now is your chance to mix and match colors and combinations. It's a pity spring only comes once a year.

Head to the garden, pronto, because this is a flower you simply plant miss out on.

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These flowers grow anywhere from 14 to 22 inches and their blooms can last as long as two weeks. Plus, they smell heavenly.

Grab your gardening gloves, it's time for the root race to begin if you want to enjoy these beauties come spring!