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'Emily's Wonder Lab' On Netflix Shows Kids Women Can Do Anything (Especially Science)

The media we show our kids has such a huge impact on them — it shows them what's possible for themselves and allows them to explore new interests and passions and subjects in an easy, accessible, and fun way.

Emily Calandreilli, host and creator of Emily's Wonder Lab, wants little girls out there to know that they are welcome in the world of science.

*Emily's Wonder Lab* is an awesome show for kids on Netflix.

The show follows host and creator Emily Calandreilli as she guides children through fun and interesting science experiments and is available to watch on Netflix.

In a recent Facebook post Emily has expressed how difficult it was to get the show started.

Emily shared that she was rejected from large science networks for a depressing reason.


"For many years I pitched science shows to large science networks and was unsuccessful. I would receive the feedback that 'the majority of our audience is male, so we just don't know if they'd relate to a female host'," she wrote, but continued that finally something changed.

"But last year, Netflix picked up our science show, *Emily's Wonder Lab,*" she wrote.


However, there was a pretty notable event happening while Emily was filming: "I filmed the entire thing 9 months pregnant. So there is now a female-led science show on the biggest streaming platform in the world hosted by a pregnant woman - available world wide," she wrote.

"I'm just...so incredibly proud that my daughter will be able to watch this someday," Emily wrote.


"When I was studying to become an engineer, I was one of 2 or 3 women in classrooms of 50 men. I'm hoping shows like this help change that demographic for her generation," she finished.

We love to see women succeeding! Have you been watching Emily's Wonder Lab? Let us know in the comments!