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People Are Getting Spellbinding 'Hocus Pocus' Tattoos Just In Time For Halloween

September is officially here which means fall is around the corner, and it's time to start prepping for Halloween. When it comes to Halloween movies, there is one that is a clear fan favorite: Hocus Pocus. The tale of a young teenage boy who lights a candle and brings three witchy sisters back for a night of thrills is a classic. To celebrate this iconic Halloween masterpiece, people have been getting Hocus Pocus-themed tattoos and we're obsessed with them.

Amok, Amok, Amok!

Who can forget Sarah Jessica Parker running around the streets screaming, "Amok, amok, amok!" A truly famous and telling line from the feature film.

Binx forever.

Binx is the one character in Hocus Pocus that you always love and cherish. This black cat has seen a lot in his nine lives. He's simply the best.

Who can forget Billy?!

This tattoo is so detailed and perfect that it looks exactly like Billy the moment he comes out of his grave. Truly a work of art.

The resemblance is perfection!

Mary might not be everyone's favorite Sanderson sister, but this tattoo looks exactly like her, and there is no denying the skill and talent of this artist. Keep it up!

And now you're mine!

Who can forget Bette Midler's fantastic rendition of "I Put A Spell On You" in Hocus Pocus? It will go down in history and always be a Halloween tradition

This is incredible.

"Oh booooooook, come here!"

Of course, Winfred can't do anything without her book. This design with a cracked face and the book peeking through is totally amazing.

Love this cartoon version of the sisters.

Tim Burton art and Hocus Pocus combined?!? Whoever came up with this idea is truly a genius. The two best Halloween traditions combined into one.

The black flame candle.

A virgin who lights the black flame candle brings the Sanderson sisters right back into the world — we all know that! How do you feel about this tattoo tribute to the famous black flame candle?

Winfred's iconic pot.

It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus! The green in this tattoo is everything. What a great piece to have forever and show off your love of the movie.

A great detailed piece of Book.

The wandering eye on Book is something that always creeped me out, not going to lie. That being said, this piece has a great amount of detail that looks just like the movie.

Looks incredible.

The detail of this tattoo is so outstanding that it looks like a photograph of a cat stepping on a book. Binx looks amazing in this piece!

Who can forget the vacuum?

Simple, yet powerful. We all remember the vacuum scene — who could forget that?!? This is a perfect piece that only true '90s kids would remember.

Simple, yet perfect.

The hair says everything about each Sanderson sister. And, who can forget the broom? Every witch needs their broom!

Looks like a happy family photo.

I love the color on this one of the Sanderson sisters. The brightness and the moon compliment the girls' colorful attire and hair.

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