Quotes For When There Are Never Enough Snacks For Your Liking

Usually, I am very much a girl in favor of moderation being the key to a healthy lifestyle.

I prefer to not rule anything out — Except cilantro. Cilantro is evil. — and instead simply enjoy just enough, but not too much of all the amazing food the world has to offer.

And then someone brings a box of donuts into the office.

Honestly, it takes multiple tons of willpower to only take one from the communal box.

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And if there are any left after a "reasonable" amount of time available to all takers? I'm going for seconds.

My ability to make sane decisions when there are ample snacks available is questionable.

When I moved from an office where the only options were in a single vending machine, it was easier.

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Paying a dollar for a tiny, stale bag of chips isn't the most tempting option.

Then I started at Diply, where there is a kitchen stocked with all my favorite snacks.

To say I went hog wild for a while is an understatement.

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Oreos, chips, Pop Tarts, you name it, I ate it.

Thankfully, once the novelty wore off (and my pants felt tight), I got better at not grabbing a snack every time I passed the lunch room.

But donuts are still my kryptonite.

Twitter | @urmumsausername

There is just something about an old-fashioned glazed donut that has been just slightly warmed in the steam from a fresh mug of coffee that can't be beat.

Now I'm hungry. Someone bring me donuts!

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