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Giant Panda Twins At Berlin Zoo Celebrate First Birthday With Cake And Snow

There is something about pandas that just seems unreal. If someone suddenly revealed the truth that the entire species was just people in realistic mascot costumes frolicking around for our continued delight, I would just nod in complete understanding.

They are just too cute and too odd to truly exist in the real world, am I right?

Add panda twins into the mix and they begins to feel like magical folktale creatures.

Zoo Berlin welcomed just such a set of twins in 2019. Born to parents Meng Meng and Jiao Qing, the pair were named Pit and Paule, and weighed less than a pound at birth.

A year later, they're both over 60 pounds, with a long way to go. A fully-grown giant panda can reach over 300 pounds.

Twins and even triplets aren't uncommon for pandas, but any breeding in captivity is difficult.

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Additionally, only one of the babies usually survives, so Pit and Paule are a healthy pair worth celebrating properly.

Of course, since it's 2020, a big party was out of the question.

That didn't mean the brothers wouldn't get an awesome treat, though.

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A frozen cake of beetroot juice, apples, sweet potatoes, and bamboo, in the shape of a giant number one was made for them and even included "candles" made of carrots to complete the look.

As a fun activity, a pile of snow from the penguin enclosure was brought in for them to play with.

They certainly seemed to enjoy the festive treats!

Pit and Paule, as well as their parents, are the only giant pandas in Germany, and are on loan from China. One day, they will return home, but for now they are in very good hands.


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