15+ People Who Didn’t Get What They Thought They Bought

Buying something new can be tricky, especially if you're shopping online. It is important to make absolutely sure that the thing you're buying is the right thing, and a lot of the people on this list...well, didn't!

So, with this in mind, please enjoy these 15+ people who didn't get what they thought they bought!

"So my Aunt bought a squirrel-proof feeder."

Reddit | Betsy514

Clearly, though, she forgot to remove the demo squirrel before she installed it! That squirrel looks like it knows how truly stuck it is!

"My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction. It wasn't until we went to pick them up that we realized it was at an elementary school."

Reddit | nevermatter

"Right, so we all have new chairs coming into the office tomorrow!"

"Great, now my back won't hurt all of the damn time!"

"Well, Dave, I wouldn't be too sure about that..."

"I just bought the angriest goldfish of all time."

Reddit | brovanz

I feel like this goldfish is about to tell me to get off its lawn, or start chasing me around with a big stick!

"My wife bought a costume for our dog. It was too small, so we tried it on the cat."

Reddit | discomonkey1323

I would be very wary around that cat from now on! It looks like it is going to be dropping dead rodents on you while you sleep for this injustice!

"Friend bought $600 Apple Watch off eBay. This is what came."

Reddit | elit3k1ll3r21

Wow, and I thought that the actual Apple watch was ugly enough as it is. This takes it to a whole new level!

"Sex after 40..."

Reddit | IAMGodAMAA

Yep, the whole book is blank. I love that you can hear that guy's raucous laughter through the picture!

"Bought a couch from Craigslist, heard noises coming from it after bringing it home. Cut it open and found a cat."

Reddit | Mushroom_Therapy

Holy hell, that cat looks absolutely furious about having been sold in a couch! I wonder if they took it back or if they just adopted it!

"My cousin couldn't figure out why his dog kept pissing on his bed since he bought the new pet stain remover."

Reddit | Sha11owBay

But... Why would this product ever exist? Is this just for if you've got a really annoying neighbor and you want your dog to whiz on their front door?

"We own a family business. Mom thought she bought a map of the world for the conference room."

Reddit | mgoor91

Either their mother has just been watching far too much Game Of Thrones recently or she needs to look at a globe sometime!

"My mom bought a strawberry scented minion shampoo for my little brother."

Reddit | AWildMagikarp5

Ah, what they have incidentally done here is purchased the Nightmare Minion edition! This model also captures your children's hopes and dreams and then cries them out in the form of blood. Cool, eh?

"I could never game because of my toddler son so I finally bought a play pen."

Reddit | argyllcampbell

I think that the manufacturers of those play pens have just found a new demographic to market towards!

"So this is what Batman wears when he is out..."

Reddit | jiltedone

I would love to see a Batman film where he finishes beating a thug to a pulp, turns to the camera and holds up a bottle of this, and it turns out the whole film was just an advert!

"My dad bought these two and thought they were KitKat and Nutella."

Reddit | Zxh_mk

Wow, now those are some primo knockoff brands right there! KattKet sounds less like a chocolate bar and more like the noise you make when you're trying to clear your throat.

"I bought a pizza with mushrooms..."

Reddit | ozzymustaine

Or, so they thought! A lot of people suggested that they should have tweeted them this, but I think I'd just eat it, grumble angrily to myself, then forget about it after an hour or so.

"My mom unknowingly bought a bong for her crystal/glass collection. We have no intention of telling her."

Reddit | WizzlyG33

Hmmm, something tells me that she actually knows exactly what this is! You shouldn't think so little of your mother, guys!

"I bought some tweezers on eBay. I then complained as they were tiny. The guy sent me these."

Reddit | English_Joe

These are for when you have some serious splinters that you need removing! For instance, if you have an entire chair leg sticking out of your body!

"To be fair my wife did think this paddling pool was oddly cheap."

Reddit | Mea05cer

Hell, when it gets hot enough, even a pool as small as this can be a Godsend! Never be too proud to get in a tiny pool as an adult!

"The Valentine's Day card I bought for my husband."

Reddit | shallywally

Ah, now this is a Valentine's Day card that I could actually get on board with! Who really remembers their first kiss with their partner? Well, a lot of people probably, but whatever.

"I used to work at a restaurant that purchased Land O'Lakes Buttered Milk in bulk."

Reddit | casserole09

I...don't think I want to try that, but at least they have a sense of humor!

"I purchased a pallet at work and it arrived today."

Reddit | xconverge

A secret two-for-one special? Score! Try not to let the wood one know you only bought the plastic one, though. You'll hurt its feelings.

"Misunderstood my last Amazon purchase."

Reddit | Jaget23

Can you really call it "misunderstanding" if you just didn't read the measurements?

Speaking Of Reading Measurements...

Reddit | RockYourOwnium

Too big for a dollhouse, too small for a people house... What use does this even have?

"My wife's very proud of her drunken purchase."

Reddit | TILwhofarted

In her defense, he does look like a great listener.

"Drunk ebay purchase...welcome to my house."

Reddit | coalminermining

There are people who want to make their home warm and inviting for guests, and then there's this guy.

"Definitely no regrets with his car purchase."

Reddit | seanbaileymd

There's something to be said for being self-aware about it! Not much, but something!

"My local brewery just purchased a new transport truck."

Reddit | LewisTheScot

I'm really caught up in the thought of someone trying to rob a beer truck. Surely they couldn't take much. Bottles and cans are heavy!

"My new purchased clock from the dollar will never be 9:15."

Reddit | brewno

You did it. You found a way to stop time, all with a dollar store wall clock! It will never be 9:15 again!

"I got [this] for 50% off."

Reddit | Jumbo_Steak

Friends are not welcome. No friends. Friemds, however? You can have as many over as you'd like!

"So I purchased a $5 cover [...]."

Reddit | Panasoni1

I'm not sure which is better: what they claim to be Afghanistan or the Sout AtlanTasman Ocean Sea.

Sticking Out Like A Sore Thumb.

Reddit | BobLoblaw-

Perfect for when you need to write an essay that can be read from a plane.

"So I recently purchased the [world's] largest beach ball. I have no idea what to do with it."

Reddit | Mr_Butts648

I feel like "future use" should be a point of consideration when making purchases. Then again, where's the fun in all that thinking and planning?

"My wife purchased a bottle of doggie shampoo and gave our dog a bath, we noticed her fur wouldn't dry and looked greasy - it wasn't shampoo."

Reddit | officerpaws

If only dogs licked themselves clean like cats do, the issue would solve itself.

"The new milk my mom bought tastes funny..."

Reddit | nerdallure

I bet that it's got a taste that really sticks in your throat! The cow on the logo really adds to the potential for confusion, doesn't it?

"The reason my phone charger stopped working a day after purchasing it is no longer a mystery."

Reddit | wynnfred_91

You know, Abble, creator of the iBhone, founded by Steve Jops.

"My mother bought a swing set from Amazon... she said this one cost $17 the other one was $22."

Reddit | WABSTA3

And this is how they started their new career of setting up playgrounds for hamsters, gerbils, and rats!