Amazon Has A 'Golden Girls' Drinking Game To Play With Your Gal Pals

Thank you for being a friend... who buys me presents, like a Golden Girls drinking game. That's so nice of you!

So, what's a Golden Girls drinking game, anyway? Designed by Just Funky, this drinking game is going to be as fun as it is dangerous. Let's find out how drunk we're going to get.

How adorable are these?


Each glass has its own character, as well as a different color bottom. How fun would this be to do with your friends during a game night? Bring snacks. You are going to need snacks.

So, here's how you play.


Every time Blanche mentions Big Daddy, drink.

Every time Rose says a weird word from St. Olaf, drink.

Every time Dorothy stars a sentence with "Ma," drink.

Every time Sophia tells you to picture Sicily, drink.

I love that the game is right there on the glasses.

Now that's a no-nonsense approach to game night. They would also make an amazing gift for a big Golden Girls fan in your life.

One reviewer on Amazon got them for her 27-year-old son who watches reruns with her, which is the cutest thing I've ever read.

You can pick yours up on Amazon.


For an entirely reasonable $21.99, you too can invite these golden friends into your life, or gift them to someone you love. Now go forth and do shots, y'all!

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