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Jason Momoa Is Reportedly Being Considered For 'The Witcher' Prequel

We all need some good news every now and then to get us through the day, especially in times like these where good news seems harder and harder to come by. Honestly, I will take any little piece of good news that I can get.

If that good news happens to involve Jason Momoa, well, that's even better, don't you think?

*The Witcher* has been a huge hit on Netflix.

The show, which has been Netflix's highest-rated original series, stars Henry Cavil as the hunky Geralt of Rivia, is so popular that Netflix has even announced that a prequel series called Blood Origin is on the way.

That was already pretty good news, but the cherry on top is that apparently Jason Momoa is being considered to star in the prequel.

Production Weekly

The website Production Weekly is reporting that Jason Momoa has been considered for the lead role in the series, although it's unclear yet whether he's auditioned, been made an offer, or has any interest in the part.

Do you want to see him in the prequel? Let us know below!