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Quotes About Married Life That Hit Just A Little Too Close To Home

I'll admit it, I can be pretty petty when it comes to fights with my man.

In the past, I've been known to really let my passive aggressive side shine after a disagreement — I've deleted some of his recorded shows from the DVR, I've told him he dresses like present-day Adam Sandler, and I've also purposefully made veggie burgers for dinner, just because I know he doesn't like them.

But before you go judging me, please understand that this is literally how we make our relationship work.

Sure, I can be a petty little rhymes-with-witch sometimes. But he can be just as petty in return.

Yeah, bet you didn't see that one coming.

Indeed, I'm not the only one who says and does silly little things to purposefully get on the other person's nerves.

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He's left multiple empty toiler paper tubes in the bathroom just for me after a particularly bad fight.

He's also hidden my favorite snacks in the closet, unplugged my charger while my phone's charging, and even gone so far as to tell me I'm having a bad hair day. Future scholars will spend years theorizing about how he ever survived that one.

Maybe there are better ways to "settle" our arguments.

Maybe we could actually, I don't know, talk after a fight and work things out to avoid that kind of petty behavior that only ever seems to happen in the heat of the moment.

But for now, I'm pretty content simply handling things the way we have been, because it's worked pretty well so far.

But I must say, no matter how bad our fights have gotten, I've personally never rolled my eyes at a photo of him before.

I'm more inclined to just flip it off instead.

Whatever works, right?

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