Amazon Is Selling A Baby Yoda Night Light So You Can Sleep Like The Baby

May Baby Yoda always be with you after you get your hands on this adorable night light from Amazon.

Get this immediately, you must, as the force of this epic cuteness is just too much to ignore.

Many colors, it comes in.


The must-have lamp uses LED light and comes with different color options that will have Star Wars fans beaming.

Make your space feel out of this world.


The smart touch control on the light allows you to rotate through seven color changes, and even includes one flashing color mode, in case The Child wants to disco.

This lil' baby is an energy saver.

These galactic guys aren't just safe to use, they're also energy efficient. They're compatible with any USB power port and connect to laptops, computers, and more.

Let this transport you to a sleepy galaxy far, far away.

This Baby Yoda lamp may just be our best chance of surviving until the new season of The Mandalorian comes out in October.

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