15+ Rare Sights People Just Happened To Encounter

What's the most unusual thing you've ever randomly encountered?

Did you take pics? Please tell me you took pics. Pics act as the receipts you can bring to bolster your story. Otherwise, well, it's just a story.

These people, needless to say, took pics.

Reddit | tulipanko007

If you're hiking in the woods, you're bound to see some tree stumps where the canopy has fallen or been cut. But what about a

This tree looks to be doing fine despite the fact that it has no bottom part.

Welcome to the shire.

Reddit | noadephoto

This is a fairly average-looking house except for the big, weird door that can be found around back. I wonder what the story behind this is.

Making space.

Reddit | AustynCunningham

This house has a hole cut through the roof to allow a tree to grow. That's great until the tree grows too big and basically destroys the whole roof.

Pretty in pink.

Reddit | Unicornglitteryblood

Diver Kristian Laine was in the water one day and stumbled...err, swam...across this big, oddly pink manta ray. Usually they come in shades of white or gray.

Weird cloud.

Reddit | bamboobmab83

This cloud was spotted in the sky over Rocky Mountain National Park. I don't know enough about cloud types to tell you what causes this. I do know that it's weird, though.


Reddit | Ogso06

A Swedish Redditor was poking around their backyard one day and found this Swedish krona, dating all the way back to 1667. If only this coin could talk...

That's some snake.

Reddit | Le_Rat_Mort

This guy was going for a walk when he found this massive snake skin. I'll bet he's glad that he encountered the skin rather than the snake that used to fill it.

Another world.

Reddit | WeAreBrainPolice

There's a lot going on here. This dormant volcano on Terceira Island in the Azores archipelago is now home to a thriving rainforest — one that you can walk down into, if you have the nerve.

Keep an eye out for Buzz and Woody.

Reddit | SpikeyGecko

Spotting weird vehicles in the wild is one of the simple joys of driving. The passenger of this car snapped a pic of a real-life Planet Pizza truck on the highway.


Reddit | ibelieveingravity

I understand the urge to hang out by a pleasant body of water but I can't say I've ever had the urge to dress up all fancy and play with a band while in the water.

Millions of years in the making.

Reddit | 9999monkeys

Some archaeologists spend years waiting for a big discovery but this nine-year-old found one when he wasn't even looking. This is a massive stegomastodon fossil he stumbled across on a hike.

Trees on trees.

Reddit | maydaylol

It's incredible that trees, with their massive and complex root systems, can find a way to thrive under even the most unusual circumstances — like sprouting on a different tree.


Reddit | wrist41

When planes crash in remote areas, it's often more trouble than it's worth to remove the debris. As a result, hikers can find remnants of random plane crashes all over the place.

Out of this world.

Reddit | TheLoneRook

This might not look like much but it's something that's a new arrival on our planet. It's a meteorite — composed of nickel and iron — that weighs around ten pounds.

Star to be named later.

Reddit | Phucckyu

This star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame commemorates...nobody. I guess it's just waiting for the next big celebrity who's willing to pay the fee to get honored.

Time for dessert.

Reddit | Splooorky

It isn't surprising that squirrels enjoy delicious, juicy strawberries. It is a little odd to see a squirrel using a fork to enjoy the red berry.

Where does it go?

Reddit | m4rceline

This odd doorway was spotted in the middle of nowhere by a hiker in the high desert. Curiosity might bring me to look inside but I'd never step into that dark void.

Feathery find.

Reddit | Harveyquinn6

This guy found two bald eagle feathers, one from the tail and one from the wing. Because it's illegal to keep them, he left them in the woods after taking this pic.

In the wild.

Reddit | hollerbackgirl621

Banksy is a world-renowned artist who's had his works and exhibitions shown in major galleries. But for those with a keen eye, some of his less-celebrated works can be found in humbler settings.

Is that a...cow?

Reddit | maripanz

This scenic vista features a helicopter that's straight-up airlifting a cow. In Switzerland, farmers buy health insurance for their cows, which apparently covers things like this.

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