Have Your Breakfast Cake And Eat It, Too, Thanks To Reese's Snack Cakes

Cake for breakfast: what an idea! These delicious Reese's snack cakes are for all of those folks that dreamed of a world in which it was socially acceptable to eat candy for breakfast. And they're also for those who did it regardless.

Soon, you'll be able to snag these Reese's Snack Cakes, which are marketed as a sweet mid-morning treat. (Which is basically when I eat breakfast, so.)

It's always chocolate peanut butter o'clock.


The idea for this treat was inspired by the fact that 83 percent of consumers confessed that they've had dessert before noon in the past month. Same.

There are so many reese-ons to add this to your breakfast meal prep.


Twinkies, step aside, because these chocolate peanut butter wonders are packed with all the delicious flavor that we know and love, and punched up with chocolate cake and peanut butter creme.

And they're covered with even more chocolate, because there's no such thing as too much when it comes to chocolate!

Have you met 2020? We SO deserve these.


I'm not saying this will for sure be my new go-to comfort food, but I'm not not saying that either. They'll definitely make working from home that much sweeter.

I'll be buying these by the case.


They'll be available in most grocery stores and online in December, just in time for nesting season. Or in my world, snacking season.

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