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A Clever Artist Is Using His Gorgeous Artwork To Meet Celebrities

Is there a celebrity you've always secretly longed to meet? Have you ever thought about what you might do or say, were you to be given the chance? Well, artist Alon Avissar sure has and he's come up with a brilliant idea.

His Instagram account @photoshop_jedi is positively packed with some of the most beautiful celebrity fan art you'll ever see.

And as you can see, the word is starting to spread in Hollywood!

Alon Avissar is an immensely talented artist.

Instagram | @photoshop_jedi

By day, Alon works as an Art Director in Washington, D.C. Not only is Alon an artist but he's also a huge movie, music, and comic book lover!

He's such a devoted fan that he's even begun painting incredibly unique celebrity portraits!

Like this breathtaking depiction of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

Instagram | @photoshop_jedi

Lynda played Wonder Woman in the original 1970s TV show.

Most recently, she made a surprise cameo appearance at DC Fandome to help unveil the new trailer for WW84.

Or how about this immaculately detailed depiction of hip-hop legend, Redman?

Instagram | @photoshop_jedi

Redman was incredibly prolific in the early '90s.

He and Wu-Tang's Method Man released an assortment of albums and even starred in a few movies together — like How High.

Alon quickly realized that although he might not be able to get celebs to pay for his work, at the very least it could get him backstage.

Instagram | @photoshop_jedi

It turns out that Trina is a fan! How could she not be? Alon's unique style is unlike anything I've ever seen before.

Since his approach worked so well on musicians, Alon thought he'd see how athletes would respond.

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Alex Ovechkin isn't known for being a "warm and fuzzy" kind of guy. In fact, I don't know if I've ever seen him smile!

Clearly Alon broke the ice with this hockey legend.

He got the same reaction when he met wrestling legend, Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair!

Instagram | @photshop_jedi

Can somebody please give me a "WOOO!"?

For the uninitiated, Ric Flair is an icon in the wrestling world. He was foundational in the early days of the WWF and his name commands respect even to this day.

Speaking of legends, Alon even managed to get Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin back together!

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Which must have been quite the task, to say the least. It's seeing moments like these that make me wish I was artistically talented.

Just look at the expression on Tommy's face!

He got weird with Weird Al!

Instagram | @photshop_jedi

True story: Weird Al Yankovic was the first concert I ever saw. He was playing our local fair (I'm not joking) and my dad decided to take my brother and me as a surprise.

Oh to shake the hand of a god... I envy you, Alon!

Getting back on track, Alon also has a taste for the finer things. He had a foodie frenzy meeting Master Chef, Wolfgang Puck.

Instagram | @photshop_jedi

If you don't recognize the name Wolfgang Puck then you either just hate food or don't watch TV.

In either scenario — I can't help you.

But all the class in the world can't compare to meeting one of your all-time favorite rock stars.

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Paul Stanley is one of the original founding members of KISS.

Stanley is better known by his stage name, Star Child, and has been belting out hits for the band for more than four decades.

Or how about the undisputed Queen of hip-hop/Neo-soul — Erykah Badu.

Instagram | @photoshop_jedi

If we were to make the Mt. Rushmore of women in hip-hop, unquestionably it would enshrine Lauren Hill, Mary J. Blige, and Erykah Badu.

Her feature on The Roots' "You Got Me" is still my turn-up jam.

I personally don't know how Alon doesn't get starstruck? If I was standing beside DJ Diesel — I'd go insane!

Instagram | @photoshop_jedi

I'm kidding! I know it's Shaq. Just a random question, how many Superman t-shirts do you think Shaq has bought over the years?

I'm genuinely curious so if anyone would like to wager a guess, drop it in the comments!

Without a doubt, my favorite of all Alon's incredible encounters (so far) is the Godfather of rap — Snoop Dogg!

Instagram | @photshop_jedi

Snoop-a-Loop! That is one amazing jacket the hip-hop mogul has on. What do you think the odds are that Snoop offered to smoke-up with Alon as a "thank you"?

I'm going to say 60/40.

There are still several celebrities that Alon has yet to meet.

Instagram | @photoshop_jedi

I was trying so hard to come up with a great Nas pun but I failed miserably.

I guess I'll just wish Alon my best and hope that one day this meeting happens for him.

The same goes for Harley Quinn — I mean, Margot Robbie...

Instagram | @photoshop_jedi

What portrait of @photoshop_jedi 's is your favorite? Do you have a wild or crazy celebrity encounter?

Leave a comment below and let us know!